What types of curtains? Classic, and not only ...

What types of curtains? Classic, and not only ... Making room curtains crucial Because it was curtains set the general style, attracting the first sight. Curtains can make balance between the interior space, improving its visual proportions.

We got to the floor, they "reduce" area of the room, but smartly upward or reaching the window sill - "increase". Therefore it is always better to supply the curtains caught, especially in small spaces.

What types of curtains? Classic, and not only ... Classic shades - is sliding curtains in conjunction with tulle curtains
Recent trend to furnish the room luxury furniture contributed to the role of tissues in the interior has increased as never before. Draped fabric is now used not only to decorate the windows, but in the doorways, as well as on the walls and ceiling.

Interface with their draperies on beds, sofas, as well as interesting, in tone, cushions, bedspreads, tablecloths and other household textiles give Apartments luxurious appearance, comfort and unique style.

What types of curtains? Classic, and not only ... Draped fabrics are used not only to decorate the windows, but in the doorways, as well as on the walls and ceiling
Such a unified fabric solution in general terms, made in accordance with your tastes and preferences, of course, pleases the eye and emphasizes your individuality.

Curtains and drapes are experiencing today a kind of rebirth, and the motives taken from the past, seem now more than ever fascinating.
More and more people seek to create in their interiors, completely corresponding to certain historical epochs, that the best way possible: you can reliably pass through the curtains, draped curtains and other decorative elements, the desired atmosphere, and then you can make amazing special effects, bringing the expense of the textile decision before the perfect harmony of architecture with the situation room.

Even more fashionable and sophisticated trend of recent years - a combination of elements in the interiors of the past and present, giving the house a special personality and, I would say, flavor.
And then to create a successful variations, as well as to not get a result something like a pile of rags diverse, you will need not only to the imagination and ingenuity, but real knowledge of the styles characteristic of different historical epochs (koim just and consistent with different types of curtains).

Armed with this knowledge, you can achieve any effects - from light winds of the past to create an integrated, completely historically authentic interiors.

What are the curtains and how they correspond to periods?

Classic shades
The form of the classical draperies, as a tribute to the ancient art forms, gave us the Classical period to the period of the XVIII century.

What types of curtains? Classic, and not only ... Large rooms with high ceilings, a small office or a comfortable bedroom - and here, and there is appropriate design of the windows in classic style
Classicism - Is the most rational and sober style appropriate to the traditions of the ancient world, where simple, strict forms of compensated refinement of details, elegant lines and color combinations, and drawings and color of the wallpaper, curtains and upholstery thoroughly harmonized.

Classic shades fit in those cases, if you have, for example, the original construction of the window, which in itself attracts attention. Then its design should be simple and concise, which is just what is achieved with the classical form of curtains.

If you have, by contrast, "not quite presentable" window, and in this case, this kind of curtains fit can be very useful. To "frame" of such windows is better to pick the fabric that matches the tone of the color of the walls - then the focus moves to the curtains, and windows will be allocated less of their background.

But if you like extravagance, then do not deny yourself this, but have worked at the exclusive option for window decoration, and then maybe you'll create a masterpiece that from your window will be hard to look away.

Classic shades familiar to us and simple to do. And although only a sliding curtains in conjunction with tulle curtains, classic curtain designs set.

The main thing here - fabric Which can be as traditional ceremonial velvets, velours, jacquard or brocade and exquisite silk, organza, as well as some totally unexpected in texture and manufacture of fabrics, with an unusual pattern - such as fashion, shiny "snake-skin or skin animals, or "Leopard" camouflage colors under the fur, and something original - coarse weave, a naive village matting.

What types of curtains? Classic, and not only ... Fringe adds sophistication curtains
It can be as tulle, lace, combined with thin padded and transparent fabrics, ie, virtually any fabric.

If you choose to curtains appropriate decorative elements - Holders, braid, cords, tassels, frill, fringe, etc. - That these accessories will add even more charm curtains and attractiveness.
Another important focus of classical curtains - soft folds , Which provide a better with a special curtain tape for reducing the complexity and obtain the most uniform folds.

Appropriate in this direction, and extremely simple design of the lung tissue of neutral colors and shades.
Simply hang cloth and watch it, because in this case, the focus is not on a cut of curtains and decorations, and the properties of the fabric that makes it possible to create a stylish "minimalist" window.
Such tissue makes the coverage more soft and intimate, so this option is ideal for the bedroom.

What types of curtains? Classic, and not only ... Unified fabric solution from overlapping each other curtains and drapes, attached apartment inimitable style
Very attractive stylish version of the classic shades with an emphasis on the color of the fabric. To do this, simply hang next 3-4 drapes in different colors, and you get a completely unexpected effect. You can pick up tissue-companions with similar color and pattern or combine canvases, completely different in texture and color.

Feel free to experiment! Sometimes, even incongruous, at first glance, the shades of fabrics can bring to your interior juicy flavor and surprisingly fresh, avant-garde solution. This version of curtains will look good in the living room or in a room in high-tech style.

Choosing a classic version of window decorations, you can not go wrong, because these blinds are suitable for virtually any modern home: the living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen. They are simple, but always attract attention and never go out of fashion.