What matters more: heredity or environment? Part 1

  What matters more: heredity or environment? Part 1 This concise formulation of the question of what factors - related to heredity or associated with the external environment - play a decisive role in the development of the child. This question has long occupied the minds of historians and writers, psychologists and scientists concerned with the education and child development, not to mention the relatives of geniuses.

Giving priority to nature, we recognize the heredity of the main condition for development. Preferring to consider education a basic condition of development, scientists are actively exploring the environmental factors (the behavior of the mother, number of children in the family, crowded housing, etc.), their influence on the process of becoming a child's personality. However, it should be noted that scholars have different views on the basic condition of observing the same form of behavior may variously describe the processes that led to its development.

For example, a scientist - a supporter of the priority of heredity and biological factors may explain the fact that pre-schooler devises an imaginary friends, the level of development of the brain and cognitive immaturity. The scientist, emphasizes the importance of education, may be called as an appropriate behavior such socio-educational things as isolation, lack of responsiveness on the part of parents or the lack of brothers and sisters.

Thus, there is no unity on this issue among scientists. Parents are also different ways to answer this question, showing diametrically opposed views:

• When I think of this question, I immediately gets up before the eyes of the Count of Monte Cristo ... After all, brought up as a simple sailor Abbe Faria aristocrat ... So I think that more than 70-80% of personality can lay education.

• I think education is very important!
Moreover, the education of concern to all: from the family, continuing a kindergarten-school-host universities to corporate culture, ie working team and superiors. Thus, I personally believe in the possibility of self-Person. In my opinion, it is samovospityvayuschayasya personality has all chances to overcome the "accumulation of past lives, to become the person wants (or rather, a personality Feel its mission - and everything becomes possible!) In short, I want to say that the task of parents is reduced, the Indeed, to the upbringing of the child.

• What to put education in the sense of how to look at him. Because I believe in God, then I believe that in respect of each God created the soul He has a great divine plan. The task of parents is not to solve the riddle of this idea, but - to create an environment of love, "most favored nation" for the prosperity of each unique flower, the human soul. In this sense, achieves the best results from my point of view, one parent who is not trying to break and build a child, to deprive him of happiness and keep his hand in a certain social standard. The first rule of education - with joy and excitement to their secondary - that is, to recognize the incredible beauty and the legitimacy of what is already before us by God. The second rule - try to educate the child in keeping with this divine plan: to listen to your conscience, for example. And in this way education can bring great benefits ... up to 100%.

• Since I am a supporter of reincarnation (in the sense of a succession of human embodiment), then education - is nothing more than cut trusted us a precious stone. But it is still very important and responsible task - we can not create in a child life energy, but we can help you choose the vector of its application. In other words, if the accumulation of past lives do not allow the child to be a bright personality, then we can not make him a genius. But if a child laid much, much depends on us - whether it's genius or a villain.

• And I'm looking at children. They are perfect by nature. Education as to not spoil ... - say mama children from two to fifteen years.