How to choose curtains?

  How to choose curtains? If you purchased a new apartment and already thinking about buying furniture, do not forget the important role of curtains in the interior. Often their choice is delayed at the last moment, although window decor is very important to create a cozy atmosphere in the house. And not only in the new apartment. How to choose the right shades?

Just as the tone of makeup conceal flaws and emphasize the advantages of your face, and fabric curtains can transform your window. And there can be little things, everything is important: the window size and location, and height of the ceiling, and the interior of the apartment. For example, contrasting fabric with transverse stripes visually "extend" the wall. With vertical stripes on the contrary - makes the walls of "above". Cool blue and gray tones visually cool room, and warm red and terracotta - warm. The colorful curtains, though they will at first bright spot in your interior, can quickly become bored and became something commonplace, despite its brightness.

To the blind is not blended with the wallpaper, is worth remembering the following rule: the curtains should be lighter or vice versa, is darker than the walls. By the way, the color must be combined with upholstery, the more that the furniture is usually not purchased for one year. As for texture fabric, in this case, furniture, blankets, covers for pillows should serve as the main guidelines in the selection.

In addition, it is useful to remember that the one-color fabric without a pattern better harmonize with the surrounding objects. Their advantages are embodied in color and texture. If your heart nicer fabric with a pattern, then you need to carefully select not only the color of the curtains, but the themes, and scale drawing - all this must be related to design furniture and decoration of carpets.

If the room is small, not worth experimenting with a variety of colors and textures. This may look very vulgar. You must select a dominant fabric, which will harmonize all the other materials. At the same time, certain tissues may contrast with the core, complementing the various decor accents.

No less important is the choice of design blinds or curtains. If your apartment with high ceilings and big windows, you should use long curtains with gathers in excess of a 2,5-3 times the length of the cornice. If the high ceiling is not among the pluses of your apartment, but remains only a distant dream, then you should not use lush draperies and pelmets.

One of the important moments in the decor is seasonality. With the onset of summer nobody would wear a fur coat, so why should your windows should be the answer to the riddle "in the winter and summer of one color"? Seasonal change will periodically make innovation in the interior of your room. In summer you can use lighter shades of fine cotton fabrics, and in winter - shades of the more dense tissues of warm colors. When winter days are not conducive to the awakening of your vital energy, and only reinforce the desire not to leave the warm bed, heavy curtains in this case would be very helpful. For employers, who pay much attention to home improvement can be suggested to change the curtains, not only in winter or summer, but use this rule with the advent of the new season, each time introducing diversity in the interior of your home.

According to experts, now dominated by two trends in drapes curtains. The first option - a traditional design, which is characterized by multiple parts and all kinds of decorations. The second option - Department of curtains from the interior room.

The main design curtains - not overdo it. Remember that even the simplest (and sometimes banal) techniques (such as perekid, unit, assembly) can transform not only a window in your house ... but the entire interior as a whole!

If you are not interested in the usual curtains, then listen to the advice of designers who offer, for example, make a "layer cake" of the curtains. If you are tempted by such a proposal, remember that the number of blinds is not limited, as long as they were made of light translucent fabric, and only one of them (night) - from dense. By combining light and heavy fabrics must act on two principles - harmony and contrast.

Make original curtains can simply combining colored squares from one fabric together. These curtains are attached to the ledge with rings and clips. Keep in mind that the density of tissue in the squares should be the same. Only then your original curtains will look perfectly in the interior of the apartment, being a design element. Another way to make your windows original: old curtains adorn applique under color of the wallpaper. Keep in mind that this is an option, if the old curtains and wallpaper are not in one color.

If you decide to buy new curtains, then these tips you will not be useful. Because the market is now represented by curtains wide variety of original models. Therefore, they can not even decorate: simply omit the curtain on the floor. The variant and the "French" curtain, when the width of one and a half width of the window, and the length is twice its height. Such curtains are collected undulating folds and "break" strings into sections.