Who will help mom-student?

  Who will help mom-student? Academics, when it comes to population issues, often recalled that twenty years ago almost the entire female half of the students at the fourth-fifth year went on leave for pregnancy.

Today's students believe that the start of the child during this period, to put it mildly, unwise. But this is not quite true. At a young age to postpone pregnancy and childbirth is much easier, more children are born healthy, the likelihood of genetic variation is minimal.

Girls are often afraid that the child interfere with their studies. But psychologists say that such fears are unwarranted. Make a break in their studies, taking a sabbatical, not too difficult. When the young mother returned to the institute, estimates generally do not suffer. But a break in his career is much more difficult. Stepping away from the cases of 1,5 years, a woman loses the qualifications, career growth is much slower. Therefore, many psychologists concerned with career, consider the scheme of "first learn, then build a career, and then give birth to children" not too successful. "Finish the" career to the end, in principle, impossible, and the higher the woman is on the career ladder, the harder it is given the decision to depart on time from work. So better to give birth to children before the beginning of this endless construction, a student. Education - is not too complicated and nervous to do and it is relatively easy to combine with the upbringing of the child. By the way, many working women, giving birth to a child, received master's or graduate school to "not sit idly" during the leave to care for the child.

And the kind of assistance from the government can expect a student full-time during pregnancy and child care? To be used for prenatal she can get birth certificates. This document will enable women to get advice 2000 rubles, and maternity hospitals - 5000 rubles in the case of successful delivery. More information about birth certificates discussed in the relevant article. In addition, women are paid a cash reward in the amount of 300 rubles, if she got to hospital records in the early stages of pregnancy (up to 12 weeks).

Women who are studying full-time teaching in educational institutions of initial vocational, secondary and higher vocational education in institutions of post-graduate professional education, as well as ongoing post-practice are eligible to receive benefits for pregnancy and childbirth.

The grant is given for all time the maternity leave and maternity leave - 70 days before delivery (84 in the case of multiple pregnancy) and 70 days after birth (in case of complications in childbirth - 86 calendar days of the birth of 2 or more children - 110 calendar days). All these days are paid regardless of using their student or not. That is, the allowance is paid in full and if the student continues to take classes and pass exams.

Leave paid at the rate scholarship, established educational institution. If the mother received a higher scholarship, it does not affect the allowance and maternity leave. Allowance received and those girls who were trained on a contractual basis. Allowance granted and paid at the place of study. In order to receive benefits, you must submit a medical certificate.

In addition, there is a lump sum per child, which in different regions is different amounts. In Voronezh, for example, is 8000 rubles, that student is not such a small amount. This allowance is paid for each child, that is, if born twins, the mother put 16000 rubles. In the case of students money allocated educational institutes, which then pays their mother or father of the child. These funds are intended to enable parents to buy things needed for the child - a crib, diapers, stroller and other

The monthly allowance for child care up to 1.5 years for students is 1500 rubles for the first child and 3000 rubles for the second. Parents have a right to it and if you do not go on vacation, and continue to learn. Paid it, again, in an educational institution.

Of course, all this money is not enough to fully ensure the child. However, in practice the situation with student families are not so sad. Nonresident a room in a hostel, classmates, neighbors in the dorm, teachers are not left in destitution. Many universities young mothers decided to provide support. In some schools the collective agreement provides for a small monthly payments. In many institutions, on holidays, students receive gifts for their kids. And, of course, you can always seek help from classmates.