How to cheat autumn weather?

  How to cheat autumn weather? To some, this design method seems too naive - to draw on the walls of windows overlooking the quiet harbor, and the doors leading into a blossoming garden. But tired of the lack of positive emotions inhabitants of megacities, this idea certainly have relished. After all, if the present window - a gray city and the autumn weather, the desire to paint my life with bright colors and a little joke on the interior comes by itself.

  Window to another world

There are a number of ways to liven up your interior with false windows, and each of them creates a unique effect and separate spirits. For example, the "window" in a specially made in a wall niche, closed inserted into a frame glass, with rear wall niche papered with wallpaper. In the niche can be installed fluorescent lights, which will create the illusion of natural light penetrating into the room through a window. If you set this falshokno not in the wall and ceiling, you can feel comfortable loft dwellers. Photo with the image of the sky, corresponding to light - these readily available in the most ordinary apartment techniques create a sense of air and romantic interior.

  How to cheat autumn weather? If the backlight is not included in your plans, you can not do, and niche. Enough to stick on the wall of Desktop, build on top of Plexiglas, and on top of it - "window frame". It remains to drape a false window blinds and get near him with family or friends for a cup of tea. Incidentally, since we are talking about having tea, we note that falshokno can be a great solution for not only living, but also for the kitchen. And even the bathroom or hallway! In other words, the more unexpected location "window", the more impressive it will look. And falshokno can be used not only as a decorative element, but also as an additional source of illumination, so it would be particularly appropriate in the "secret" and the dark corners of your home.

  How to cheat autumn weather? Finally, the false can not be just a window, and stained glass, a fascinating art which has passed a way from the Middle Ages to the present day and is still considered one of the finest interior solutions. If instead of the usual Plexiglas insert covering niche frame stained glass or colored glass with a curious texture, but in the alcove to hide the lights, the room, like precious stones, scattered patches of different colors.

  Art in Motion

The only drawback falshokna concurred in by both skeptics and fans of the reception - this is static. Sooner or later one and the same picture before my eyes get tired. And the frequent change of form in the browser window turns out to be quite a daunting task: the dismantling of the frame, remove the old Desktop ... That's a mini-renovation of a local scale. Therefore, those who want to continuously update the image is pre-choose the appropriate design of "windows".

  How to cheat autumn weather? If falshokno small size, you can order it as a frame for the glass which, as in the regular picture frame, it will be convenient to insert banners with different species. Above the glass fix frame, as for a false windows. What remains now is to figure out where to store the old posters - most likely, you will want to periodically return to them. By the way, can be ordered and a construction in which the frame itself would open like a door to the apartment owner could change the image depending on the season or mood.

A little kitsch, but quite entertaining option - plasma screen in the role falshokna. For this purpose does not necessarily have a separate display. Suffice it to get a DVD with various images on the theme "the view from the window and run it if you wish. And you can not be limited to a static image. Let the ear fragrant meadow, surf caressing the sandy shore, and gulls fly over the sky. Add the appropriate sound effects - and relax on the health, admiring the beautiful landscapes.