Photowall: role in modern interior design

We are all accustomed to the fact that the walls in the rooms of our apartment pasted wallpaper - somebody is still old-fashioned paper samples, some of it is ultra relief materials. Nowadays, gaining immense popularity Desktop. Popularity repeated them, because their peak of popularity was noted in the 70-ies of the last century - just as Desktop appeared in the mass market. However, by the nineties craze to a similar type of finish people have lost, to be replaced by the usual pattern ( or that bagetnaya workshop will help you choose a picture of your home and design adequate frame ). Today we can talk about what techniques have reached much farther that play Mural in excellent quality and just became available, in addition to cutting-edge cameras can get extraordinary photos of high resolution. Desktop returned his second admission, and now they might keep an eye for at least some interior design. It should be noted that, correctly picking Desktop may change the space.

For example, if you think visually expand your room, buy a desktop with an image of a landscape with a projection distance ( with forest tending inland footpath infinite field ). Radiant image will promote freer feeling in the room, and if you pick up a data Mural still light environment ( furniture, curtains for the kitchen ceiling ), you get the opportunity to extend optical small room. As soon as your room has a window or not you actually never tested the sun's rays, then prefer the summer landscape as images on Mural - this technique will help make your room much warmer. But images of seascapes, winter paintings make spectacularly lit and hot room more comfortable. However, on some versions only landscapes wall photos do not end - at present they operate with the all sorts of images, whether photographs of ancient streets, interpretation of paintings by famous artists. Now follow some retro -style, "vintage", and in this case will be advantageous to look Desktop, koi model images taken on the vintage film camera. Photos megacities with tall towers interior befitting manner in the high-tech, but the floral compositions, gazebos, soft and romantic images made ​​especially for a romantic Provence.