For more than a day, not even one week and not one month, you tell yourself that tomorrow you w" />

 How to make yourself do morning exercises?

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  How to make yourself do morning exercises? For more than a day, not even one week and not one month, you tell yourself that tomorrow you will go up 15 minutes earlier and do finally 11,111,127 morning exercises. or jogging.

Perhaps you tell yourself this is not one year. You already have stopped believing that someday you will make this charge. Well, the time has come for decisive action. You, above all, very much frightened. You will be able to survive.

  1. Buy a new on-a-very expensive jogging suit.

Arrange for him, at least polzarplaty. If you find more expensive, it is even better. In the evening 1,111,116. tracksuit
hang, so that when you wake up, the first thing you see will be your new very expensive jogging suit. This is to ensure that the first thought that you would think was: "I'm not vain threw so much money on sports clothes. It is necessary to him to do something that he is not so easy lay.

And guess what you do in this tracksuit? Yeah, its very, charging. And nothing more! You hear? This training suit, which can occur even for the awarding of an Oscar, is intended only for charging!

  2. Makes an ultimatum.

What else? With you in another way not. Not like in the good, we are poor. So, if you do, you hear right now, at the expense of "three" do not go up and start doing exercises, you're going to work at all without Makeup , Forget even about the comb. And as you wear torn stockings, and not with one hand, and with three. Oh, no ripped tights? No problem. Are breaking new!

Well, can your feminine psyche withstand these tests? Now you also think that it is better to do exercises? What else sitting? Quickly putting on a tracksuit and do exercises!

  3. Do not you hurt?

And you do not hurt that her husband ever look at some where Jennifer Lopez more than you? And when did you last gave some, though chahlenky, flower, not counting the March 8 (March 8 - is sacred!)? And when was the last time 11,111,127 husband. jealous of you for [url=] other male 11,111,127. ? What is the tears dimmed his eyes? Well, well, my dear do not cry.

Right now do exercises, and tomorrow too, and soon you'll notice that there is no Jennifer Lopez for you and not a marker. A husband will load with presents flowers, because it is afraid of how you would not go away from him toward another, more attentive man.

  4. This sweet word "Envy".

Imagine. You go down the street in an elegant, slinky and a little bit short dress shoes with high heels. Dress emphasizes every bend your [url=] ideal figure of 11,111,127. , See your shapely legs. Men turn into you after admiring glances. And all these long-legged blonde Pyshnogrudye look at you with envy. Because all the men around admire you, not them, but they simply do not notice.

And sees the whole picture your husband. He did not notice these blondes, because he only thinks about one thing: how would you have not got other men.
However, it is nice when everything 11,111,122. blondes
you are envied, men turn into after you, and your own husband is afraid that you had not taken away? All of this is that you got up in the morning 15 minutes earlier and took charge.

  5. Buy or sew a dress.

You simply have to buy or sew Dress That you just saw for yourself. It's on you so looked good! Soon you will be able to put it on any event to all surprise, surprise, dazzle, stunned in the end! Everyone will think that you, as always, will come to some sort of garment, but you also will appear in this dress. Here's a shock to all be! It is a pleasant surprise of all, when you are on this, no one expects ...