How to protect yourself from flu and whether to be vaccinated?

  How to protect yourself from flu and whether to be vaccinated? Here again the cold: precipitation, cold wind, frequent temperature changes - all this provokes colds. Specialists forecast that a flu epidemic will start in January. Hurt, of course, does not want any of us! In order to somehow protect themselves from viruses, many of us rush to vaccinate. But enough do we know about the flu vaccine?

There are 200 kinds of viruses that cause acute respiratory infections and influenza. Can we protect ourselves from all of them being vaccinated? No Epidemics caused by a virus, which is most prevalent. We can not themselves predict exactly what it will be a virus and, on this basis, select the correct vaccine.

  How to protect yourself from flu and whether to be vaccinated?
 For these reasons, two times a year, the council of experts of WHO (World Health Organization). The Council has to decide which viruses can cause an epidemic of influenza in the coming year and, on this basis, recommendations to vaccine manufacturers.

It often happens and so that vaccine manufacturers are given erroneous information. This fact makes them the vaccine ineffective.

One of my friends doctor considers vaccination against influenza is a waste of money. He reasons thus: "And will you play the lottery, if the chance to win, roughly speaking, is 1:196? This is a lucrative business! No more! ".

I just told you about the opinion of one person. Of course, this conclusion in something and you can accept ... But is it so adamantly reject vaccination against influenza? I think not. If we take a collective vaccination, it still brings his positive "fruit" - in these groups dramatically reduced the number of hospital. I think many of us regularly imparted against influenza, because this precaution recommended by our doctors, the media and more.

So the answer to the question "Should I be vaccinated?" We must give themselves. Each of us in this regard should already have your own experience over the years of life. If the vaccine helps you to avoid epidemics, then forward to the vaccine! If you have not felt much of a difference - why you do it?

The most appropriate time for vaccination are the autumn months, we should not wait for the approximation of the epidemic! By making the vaccine each year, your body will become more and more resistant to viruses.

  How to protect yourself from flu and whether to be vaccinated?
 I personally, as a preventive measure, I use for my family such measures.

 Before leaving the house to anoint the nose oxolinic ointment. To do this, an ordinary cotton bud to apply a little ointment and fluff each nasal passage.
 Make yourself and the children of garlic "amuletiki" and, of course, put garlic, often in prepared foods. Just add a little garlic in the soup, salad and other dishes, allowing his presence. "Amuletiki" I draw from a box of Kinder Surprise. To do this, it makes the little holes, pass through the ribbon and put it in chopped garlic. The contents of the "charms" to be changed every day.
 On foot, about themselves fingers, stick a pepper patch. Me every day.
 Take vitamins.

These methods are very well help! Not to hurt us, of course, not stopped, but happen to us such troubles are much rarer and more mild. But influenza is not hurt, "pah-pah", never ever since, as have all of this to use! And wish you!