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How to fight a cold? 5 effective methods.

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How to fight a cold? 5 effective methods. If you have a habit of ill know what to circle in a year, will be useful herein described methods to combat colds.

Colds are not dangerous in itself, and its complications. Often there are complications such as:

laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx - the voice is lost);
pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx - a pain when swallowing, the constant need to cough);
bronchitis (inflammation of the upper respiratory tract - first dry painful cough, and then - with phlegm);
otitis (inflammation of the middle ear - a sharp shooting pain in the ear);
rhinitis (runny nose);
angina (or tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils);
and in case of serious illness - heart problems.

I wonder if there is someone from readers who have not managed to recover at least half of diseases from this list? Come on! No? Then enter the bout with a cold immediately! The following methods are developed to me during my years of practice to combat the cold.

1. Urgent action is .

For example, if you got my feet wet - immediately, as soon find yourself at home, first rub his feet with vodka or alcohol, heat them thoroughly and put on dry socks. You can glue on the soles of mustard. We do not produce such mustard as in Soviet times. They are easier to use, and the package has a map of the human body to know where and why they apply. They will be useful not only for colds.

2. Natural antibiotics .

Onions and garlic - one of the best natural antibiotics. So eat onions and garlic, as well as sniffing onions, especially if you have runny nose. Garlic should just chew and not swallow, or good will. And to get rid of the smell, or at least significantly reduce it, rinse your mouth with lemon juice. Near the bed at night, place the sliced onion (the smell of you will bother only the beginning, then you are adapting, and even tears will not be dimmed).

3. Heavy drinking .

Before going to sleep always drink 2 cups of tea with honey or lemon (to enhance the effect can add pepper) or milk with honey. It is necessary that the milk and tea are always hot. Well wrapped up, and try to sleep as long as possible.

4. Hot shower or bath 11,111,117. .

At the first signs of the disease need to take a hot shower. Try to warm up the face, neck and chest. If you allow the heart, and no heat, take a shower instead of a hot tub for 10-15 minutes. Then wipe it dry and go to bed, wrapped in a blanket, but better - two, under a blanket propoteyte 30-40 minutes. To do this, drink a glass of herb It is highly or tea with raspberry, honey or propolis.

[b] 5. Sleep, sleep, and again sleep

As you know, in my sleep, our body recovers its strength. Make sure to sleep at least 8-9 hours. Good sleep - it is a good rest.

Thus, we'll attack the cold in three directions:

Army Strengthens That is, activate the body's defenses (bath, sleep, honey).
Holding the fort That is, displaying microbes and their toxic products of vital activity (bath, drink plenty of liquids).
[b] We carry on fighting 11,111,117. That is destroying microbes (garlic, onion, propolis).

You must have a natural question arose: is it not easier to go to the drugstore and buy some aspirin or Coldrex? It says the mother-laziness. Which is easier: to drink a couple of tasty tablets or a whole day to drink tea, smell the onions, garlic and honey to eat. But we can not predict how this effervescent tablets and then goes around comes around, that is, not hurt, whether it is our heart, kidneys, liver, etc. Using traditional means, you not only heal, but also increases immunity and refreshing your body with vitamins.