How to prepare for the New Year "corporate parties" and not turn into a pumpkin?

  How to prepare for the New Year "corporate parties" and not turn into a pumpkin? Ladies, ladies, ladies! You are already thinking that it will soon start the party? Povytsveli we are for the gray months, Zhirkov podnakopili, consoling himself that "during winter". Why not! If no plans to speak at the New Year carnival in the image snegovichka, ping-pong ball, not to mention the touching image orphan moths, an urgent need to develop an action plan and implement it faithfully!
Methods in each its length, but deadly weapons apply to all.

  Of course, all this is addressed to those few irresponsible to representatives of the office of plankton, which forgot about the need to save the world, and ceased its efforts to keep myself in shape.

So, the crib:

1. Figure.
Clearly, the thin cow is not the gazelle, but fat cow is not much better. Here it is necessary to consider two directions: 11,111,125 diet. and [b] excercise .
Someone buttocks tighten, someone biceps, triceps, to quietly be British or American armhole, and just bare hands to demonstrate. Exercises must be at least slightly to tighten that area, which will focus on the garments. And do not forget about puztso, do Workout at oblique and direct muscles.
  Power . Time enough yet for any quick diet, but it is better not to risk extremes, "exempting slag and salt-water-fat proteins, and so on.

2. Leather.
If possible, visit the beautician, not - spend at home required minimum procedures - exfoliation and moisturizing (do not forget about the elbows). Bad back memories of summer as a light tan. Solarium (for those who are not afraid) or a spray tan or cream/lotion (the latter is softer and less intensively manifested). If not previously used - careful, you were forced to go to a costume leopard, exploiting the trend of eco-fashion.

3. Hair, hair.
It's all just a hair nourished, caring, file for a hairdresser in advance, because in the last days of December, all will be firmly engaged. And it is better not to experiment in the last minute (this refers to the makeup).

4. Clothes.
Think what you will be comfortable to not have the whole evening furtively slipping bodice correct or smooth out her skirt, before gently nestle in the folds. If there is no skill to wear evening dress, or party assumed a fairly democratic, then at least leggings or trousers with a tunic or blouse worn. Have fun going, and not "language" cautious pace. Urgency to style 80 sleeves extravaganza, low waistline ...
In fashion dresses. The main thing - find the right silhouette. For a plump one possible option: A-shaped silhouette, tack-welded under the throat Throat-stoechkoy. Thin, you can choose a corset with a fluffy skirt or dress, bitten on the bottom (skirt-cylinder or gathered at the hem).

Color? All silver, gray, good emerald on the horizon appears, until declaring himself everywhere. Black out of fashion and comes with silver. The combination of gray and red. Very nice. Violet again. Deep, metallized.

5-7. Do not forget about 11,111,124. makeup, perfume, [/b] and Jewelry . Not bad, if they would form the overall concept of the image. And remember that the shortfall is better than overdone it. Moderation! It seems that there is a long-standing rule that the number of decorations on a woman must not exceed three. For example "earrings (2)-ring, earring, pendant," brooch, bracelet, ring, etc. Piercing the tongue is also considered. Beads by pearls. A large number of bracelets on both arms, which is an exception to the rule.

Spirits try not to abuse, yet is usually accompanied by a party banquets, and regardless of aroma escort food, what you think of sweet music, others may seem ... Differently.
And do not forget the emergency kit (pantyhose, cosmetics, perfumes, personal hygiene or boxed, handkerchiefs or napkins, sponzhiki).

8. Footwear . It's all just - "Beautiful, but convenient. Dancing will be?
9. Banquet.
Big chunk of your mouth happy, but do not let my guard down, you probably will call at the most inopportune moment. If you feel a sudden inclination to strong drinks, eat a sandwich in front of vodka with caviar, or fish (to oil present). You're not going to change jobs after the party?

10. Do not count calories and not think about work. It spoils the facial expression and mood. If something suddenly goes wrong, do not worry, it quickly out of his mind an episode when he was with them not connected. Just do not plucking the Director of the priest, he will not forget.

11. Make a safe way to get home, write down the phone a taxi, tell the husband, where you pick up.