How to live after a heart attack?

  How to live after a heart attack? Myocardial infarction - severe stress for the patient. Only yesterday it seemed that health will always be at a height, and "minor" ailments were not taken into account. And suddenly - drip, injections, strict bed rest, long-term treatment. Eventually it becomes clear that a heart attack - not cold, passing unnoticed. Changes in the body are irreversible. Cardiac - a disease which will have to live the rest of his life.

Scary. Sometimes it is so frightening that the patient dramatically reduces their physical activity, no longer feel a full member of society. But really, considering his condition properly, it is possible to lead an active lifestyle. What problems does the patient and how to overcome them?

  Internal tensions. To worry about a lot: how in the future will develop the disease, the disease will affect the welfare of the family, what to do with work?

Perhaps many fear will overcome the therapist. But it can only help, the main "work" falls on the shoulders of the patient. Do not stay alone with his thoughts. Return to the labor collective - a good incentive to properly assess the situation.

Very important are family relationships, how the illness responded to intimates. Care should not be intrusive, but not do without it. Do not delay the restoration of sexual activity, which is very important to normalize psychological state. But hurry and do not. Check with the attending cardiologist if there are any contraindications. And the "heart" drugs may have an impact on opportunities.

  The fear of another heart attack and sudden death. It may increase with physical exertion, while leaving his home. A sudden attack, who will help?

Overcoming fear allows constant presence in the pocket of effective medicines. The patient should be persuaded that they receive timely help to avoid serious trouble. Tours daily walks should gradually lengthen and be removed from the house. In the early days is better to make them not alone, but accompanied by a household.

  Undue concern for their health. Patients are ready to measure pressure and pulse every 10 minutes. Regularly attend all kinds of doctors who do not find abnormalities. What is advised? To believe the doctors, distracted and find yourself interesting to do. If it does not work - enjoy a social life.

  Psychasthenia syndrome. Expressed in general weakness, fatigue and irritability. Constantly depressed mood, apathy. In such a situation, of course, have to go to a therapist, or may develop depression. But self-help efforts are also needed. Under medical supervision, must regulate their lives, pay attention to scrupulous adherence to scheduled activities, remember that a heart attack - not a sentence, with correct behavior of the state of health, sooner or later, but recovered almost completely.

Sometimes the body selects the line of protection based on denial of disease . The patient does not believe in the seriousness of the situation, believes that the temporary difficulties are long gone, just doctors fear and intimidate the patient.

This line of conduct is extremely dangerous. Reassessment of its capabilities could lead to relapses and even death. Ambient be unobtrusively deter such "imaginary healthy. And by the patient it is useful to ask the comrades in misfortune, as developed in their affliction, and to which sometimes results in disregard medical advice.