In what shoes to celebrate New Year?

  In what shoes to celebrate New Year? There is not much time to celebrate the New Year, but think about what, how, where and with whom it met and that everyone will donate, the time has come. But still need to tidy himself up and choose clothes for the holiday. In general, there was plenty of cases, and time is short.

  In what shoes to celebrate New Year?
 Today let's talk about what shoes to celebrate the New Year, not to put up a front of friends, watching over fashion trends. What designers offer us, and ready to shoe stores to please us?

Shoes in the new season, compared with the past, looks very bright and unusual. Designers of women's shoes say about the relevance of bright colors, especially shades of red and yellow. For lovers of luxury - silver, gold and platinum. The style of my grandmother's chest, "the 80-ies justifies itself and confidently takes the upper hand on the catwalks around the world. Wherever you are New Year's Eve - at work, in a nightclub - picture of a flower or the peas on your leg will be in harmony with the exquisite dresses dressers and smart suits conservatives.

  In what shoes to celebrate New Year? The materials of which made fashionable footwear - shoes, sandals, shoes, boots - a glossy, lacquered, embossed leather and even PVC (polyvinyl chloride). And one more season opening - rubber boots!

No decorative finishes, we simply can not do. Minimum decor - this is the last century. Vintage - dressing of leather, reminiscent of an old, cracked, - more irrelevant. Moden "sports glamor" in the glare, metal, embroidery and jewelry accessories. But this is not all that prepared the fashion season with our lovers of exquisite. You can borrow a few things from the male wardrobe. Imagine a boot in a cavalry-style in a slender women's legs, lace, and some stunning decor - it is all the rage.

  In what shoes to celebrate New Year? As creators of the New Year fashion decided to heel? It's simple: wear and high heels, wedges, and the combination of platform with a heel - and our fashionable ready to conquer all. Lovers of classical remains high heel-hairpin. Toe part have not changed much in vogue and round, and the pointed toe, just not long and the leader takes the form of a square.

Women we shod, talk about a strong field. Well, in this issue designers are not particularly tense. Men's winter collection unchanged: shoes, lace boots and shoes, which have proved best. The combination of two styles - everyday and sports. A model footwear platinum or gold color will look great on a night out.

  In what shoes to celebrate New Year?
 Firmware and metal decor, suede, smooth and embossed leather or interesting combinations of different colors in the classic models will find a connoisseur.

Children - flowers of life, boys and girls - bunnies and squirrels! As we sit? The question is not difficult for designers. Come on! The main trend announced sneakers. In the course of the winter versions of leather or wool or fur - is not important. Cool sneakers like our children!

If you do not sneakers, the hybrid sneaker shoes and to appreciate the taste.

  In what shoes to celebrate New Year?
 For girls the same trend as for mothers. Cavalry Sapozhok with a rounded nose and a small heel perfectly highlight the style of your daughter. Boys suit "army" options. Fashionable colors - the same as in adults - namely, gold, silver and coloring of prey animals.