How to have fun at the party, avoiding a hangover?

  How to have fun at the party, avoiding a hangover? Holidays! We plan ahead for them: buying presents, thinking about the dress, menu, festive table, hoping soon to plunge into the festive atmosphere. We expect a good company, fun games, dance - after all the anticipation of the holiday - it is almost as good as the holiday itself!

We write a weekly, what to buy for the festive table, whom to invite, who to send greeting cards. We try not to forget anything about the "holiday stuff", but usually there's something we still forget.

There comes a New Year. For a couple of hours to midnight, we usually sit down for what would "pursue the old. The old year goes under the clink of glasses filled with wine, or under "dzynk" ryumochek, filled to the brim with vodka. Snack. Between the first and second - pereryvchik small. And there, between the third and fourth too big a break does not work. And now, comes at midnight, and we, as adopted, open bottles of champagne! "Happy New Year!", "With the new happiness!" - We congratulate each other, diluting the stomach that drink champagne, which we saw off the old year.

Of course, the Ministry of Health, as is always right, excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to our health, and we all agree. But perhaps it is impossible to find someone who to some celebration, the holiday has not made for the champagne, brandy or vodka, if not all these drinks immediately. Another thing that is going on with us the next day ...

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