And so you can live? PSAS - 200 orgasms a day.

  And so you can live? PSAS - 200 orgasms a day. Caught the eye of an article in the newspaper that a certain Sarah Carmen suffers up to 200 orgasms a day. Well, that journalists have given links to the sources - had a chance to extract the text of the interview and get acquainted with the heroine closer.

The very first thing that struck me - discrepancy tone of Russian text and the original (can not say that there is a distortion of facts may be, the journalist has enjoyed some interviews with the heroine).

The tone of Russian publications - a little playful. In fact - this is a serious problem for which a medicine today, there is no solution. Judge for yourself what feels Sarah:

- Orgasm can cause any vibration, even a hair dryer, which she must use at work,
- Taking a small dose of alcohol makes Sarah unmanageable
- She can not sit - it provokes an orgasm, and when it happens to parents, she has to depict hyperactivity, not to sit down and do not bring themselves to orgasm,
- Once she was orgasmic seizure during the conversation with the interviewer - Sarah was forced to flee, she was ashamed of her condition.

During the interview, the voice of Sarah several times interrupted and she lost the thread of conversation - for 40 minutes to interview Sarah experienced 5 orgasms.

Science is powerless. Medications do not help.

Such women are not only in England, where he lives Sarah Carmen, but also in America.

The problem was described a few years ago, and although in 2004 the film was made about 1,111,112. PSAS (Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome) - a permanent sexual arousal syndrome 1,111,113. , But only a few doctors are aware of this disease.

Today there is a support site such martyrs (flour continuous orgasm can lead to thoughts of suicide), in which they can learn about the latest research in this area, get emotional support, addresses of clinics and physicians who render all possible assistance today.

One participant site says that she began to feel strange for a state in 60 years of age - and over time getting worse and worse. For several years, no fundamental improvement. (I will not quote here the physiological details, they can be found in the original to the address above.)
Those doctors who to go to this grandmother, not even heard of this disease. Moreover, when she looked at this film, I understood what was happening to her, and tried to convey this understanding to the doctor, who said that we should not engage in diagnosis by television.

By the way, the site on the commitment of several people who make a contribution in support of patients, and donations.

Doctors are not ready to say why there is a disease that proved only provocative effects of some antidepressants and hormones.