Are you ready to depend on Botox?

  Are you ready to depend on Botox? "The wrinkles disappeared. Muscles atrophied. Puppet girl's face with blue hair. And when I smile - Fantomas from childhood horror stories: carefully stretched lips and fixed glass eyes.
«Casual», Oksana Robsky.

Terrible? Do not be afraid. We all know. In the U.S. and Europe are gaining popularity, Botox parties. Their suit beauty salons, offering to inject the drug at a reasonable price. The brief talk on the effects of Botox and warn of possible problems. Botox is used in Russia since 1994.

So why are still wary of this drug? Probably heard that it is made from botulinum toxin - poisons allocated bacteria Clostridium botulinum. (Yes, they are found in swollen cans and cause botulism.) But, first, the concentration of poison in the preparation is insufficient for poisoning, and secondly, it is only one of the seventeen components of the venom.

Botox is used for correction of facial wrinkles. It changes the appearance of a person from the point of muscle relaxation (poison blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, relaxing in one area gives the tension in the other, and the wrinkles are smoothed out for a while).

Botox is not able to accumulate in the body and even more so to give themselves felt in many years. The drug takes effect within a few days and completely eliminated from the body within three weeks. The effect of the introduction of Botox lasts an average of two to three months, until you restore lost nerve connections in the muscles.

Doctors say that Botox injections can be done from 18 to 65 years, because after 65 years of wrinkles already deep enough, and correction with Botox will not produce any results.

Injections are not held in beauty salons, but only in the clinical setting, specialists who have a license for medical activities, knowing where to get a shot to the face has not lost its expressiveness. If the injection is not doing enough professionally at the injection site may produce hematoma after correction you might find lowering eyelids and corners of the mouth, overhanging eyebrows, facial asymmetry, the same mask, which wrote Robsky ...

  "I bitterly sobbing, wiping tears from her cheeks. Eyes in the mirror remained motionless. My face was like a dead man's face under the shower. Whether cold or hot. "
«Casual» Oksana Robsky.

Can be difficult to communicate with people who use Botox injections? There is a view of psychologists: if the wrinkles around the eyes, the smile may seem like people around them unnatural, insincere - false.

People with active emotional facial expressions should not use Botox injections. Laughter, tears, wrinkled her nose, frown - an integral part of their daily lives. After Botox at first people can not use the muscles of the face, and you'll be forced to walk like a stone mask. Have you ever used the mask-tape? The liquid mass when applied to the skin hardens, and you can not smile and laugh, because experiencing discomfort. The same effect of Botox, but the long term. Using Botox for several years your body language is noticeably shorter, and me, you get used to the minimum expressionless expression of emotions.

Botox injections are made with very thin needles, similar to needles for blood samples. At the injection site may produce hematoma. Injections may make up to 50 on every conceivable facial wrinkles, but the first time is better confined to minimum - check the qualifications of your doctor.

The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy, neuromuscular disorders, inflammatory conditions, aggravation of neurological and somatic diseases, compatible with all drugs. Used it with others, not cosmetic issues that require relaxation of individual muscles.
But there are people to whom Botox simply not valid - the immune system locks the poison and rejects it.