If a child is ill with cancer ... What?

  If a child is ill with cancer ... What? Our children - will always remain for us the most defenseless beings in the life ... Even if they have an ordinary cold - we are ready to move mountains. Well, if suddenly a much more serious disease, and fighting it is not one month or even year, often replaced by enthusiasm after a while comes despair.

Hearing from the doctor horrible word "cancer", parents chilled hands convulsively embracing her child. And in my head at this time pulsating vein beating only one thought - this is the end ... And that is their main mistake. Because Children Cancer today can be cured .

So forget about the tears and despair, you now more than ever, it is important to gather all his will into a fist. Do not try to blame yourself for what you're a bad parent and therefore your child is ill. Cancer is not transmitted genetically , Cancer can not get 11,111,131. . At least, until now scientists know about it.

You with your child to be a very difficult path. And in this way [b] You must be his mainstay
. Although it is often the opposite - drawing in the face of terrible danger for parents is their baby. And if you think that children do not understand - you are mistaken. Believe my experience, in the face of this disease, even the smallest crumb very quickly grow up and sometimes understand more than we do with you. Do not be afraid to look at your child's eyes. He should see them with confidence. And to this belief was this, let's concentrate and discuss your enemy "to pieces": who is he, where and how to fight it.

Few of us really are, what is - Cancer. Our body is built of tiny cells. Imagine the billions of cells. When the child grows, each of these cells varies, and their number increases. And all this happens according to the rules and under the strict control of internal systems of the body. But sometimes some cell ceases to obey the common rules of conduct and "rebels". It reproduces, without any control, begins to kill healthy cells and replace them to fill the entire body. So begins cancer. In some cases the tumor occurs in a particular place, and sometimes these cells rebels appear in the blood, and there is leukemia. In total, there are today more than 200 different forms of cancer, which can begin anywhere. The name of the disease gave a famous ancient Greek physician Galen. He noticed that the patients blood vessels around the tumor are similar to claws of cancer, hence the name "cancer".

Today, children's cancer became a widespread disease in the world. Many experts believe that this may be to blame environmental factors or infections occurring today. Perhaps the increase in the number of cases due to improved diagnostic progress. Now we know more - and more ... seen. However, reliably declare the reasons for the emergence of this disease to date can not be any one of the scientists.

Malignant tumors are now the second most frequent cause of death in childhood (after injury). But the number of children successfully cured of cancer too large.

Several years ago, children's cancer was a disease-sentence. And now it is possible to cure about 80% of affected children. But the sad fact is that this figure looks more realistic for the western countries. In Russia, however, such indicators are still elusive. The reasons are several: lack of funds for medicines and equipment for hospitals, the creation of specialized medical care and support services, to improve the training of doctors. But the most powerful and fearsome obstacle to recovery lies in the fact that parents and sick children categorically lacks positive attitude and faith in their strength 11,111,131. .

Why do I say about the treatment of childhood cancer, but not cancer in general? It is very simple. We can say that child cancer today - a sort of separate phenomenon in medicine. And this is explained by the fact that children's age can cope with many diseases. Therefore, treatment of tumors and leukemia (blood cancer) in children is much effective than in adults.

Currently there are 11,111,130. Three main treatment method
  Chemotherapy - A special medication for injections or oral administration. They are taken in order to destroy cancer cells and cause them to stop an uncontrolled increase in number.

  Radiotherapy It uses powerful X-rays to kill cancer cells. Most radiotherapy is used before surgery to induce tumor decrease.

  Surgery . Sometimes it requires surgery to remove a large tumor, depending on where it is located.

These techniques are yielding fruitful results: 8 out of 10 children have a real chance of recovery.

The phrase "children's cancer" in general seems so terrible that we do everything block in our minds even hint at the thought of his treatment. In social psychology has always been a stereotype of a fatal, incurable disease. Once it was the plague, then tuberculosis, cancer and AIDS today, although in fact from cardiovascular disease kills far more people. In Russia, this stereotype is rooted much more strongly than in any other country in the world. Doctors constantly repeat: can not be attributed to the deadly cancer disease. But they almost nobody believes it. Sometimes even the parents of affected children. And it seemed, who, if not them, first of all need to believe in the truth of these words.

Numerous studies show that these emotional disorders lead to the deterioration of the body, reduced immunity. Active, energetic people much better tolerate disease, less prone to complications, faster and easier to recover. In cancer in particular, noted that as soon as people give in to despair or falls into a depression, his condition soon deteriorated.

But the worst - is that in the domestic medicine are still some doctors (especially in the regions) are confident that children's cancer is incurable. And simply refuse admission to children and parents in the eye say that the child is hopeless. This does not even fit in my head ... But it's true. Sometimes parents being refused at several places, do not even know where to turn. Meanwhile, in Russia today there are hundreds of charities dealing with cancer. And on their account, thanks to well-established links with the best specialists and medical institutions in Russia and abroad, - hundreds of rescued children's lives. Yes, the amount needed for the treatment of childhood cancer, are often enormous. But if you want to fight for the life of her child, believe me - nothing is impossible. Home - carefully observe your child, keep all medical records and record comments of physicians, records of any method prescribed medications and reactions to them, and ... - knock on all doors 11,111,131. .

Be sure to consult with doctors in clinics in central Moscow - Russian Children's Clinical Hospital, Russian Cancer Research Center CRC, or in St. Petersburg - a city hospital № 31, or children's municipal hospital № 1. Today it is in these centers are concentrated the main novelties of scientific diagnosis and treatment. Visit the all-Russian "hot line" for the Children's Oncology 8-800-200-06-09, where all your questions answered by experienced doctors.

Lack of relevant information about cancer and treatment leads today to yet another regrettable consequences - recourse to various kinds of charlatans. Increasingly, oncologists have concluded that in recent years greatly increased the percentage of children who are being brought to them at the most recent stages of the disease, before it spent precious time on psychics, healers and grandmothers, sorcerers. Such children are usually no longer be saved. Medical ignorance, repeatedly increased advertising all sorts of "miracles" - terrible scourge of modern Russia, doctors say. Remember - the magic cures and miracle cures for cancer does not exist! [b] Apply only to the official methods of treatment
Otherwise you just sign your child a death sentence.

Already, doctors in the world with confidence say that a few years for children cancer will be treated in all cases. I would like to sincerely hope that this statement will soon touch and Russia. Today this problem is already of national importance. Yes, it's disgraceful that in a country as vast as ours, every year die from cancer 1,5 thousand children only because we have not enough money on them . But even worse, when children are dying because of our weakness with you, and ignorance.