How useful aqua aerobics?

  How useful aqua aerobics? Life without movement for me is impossible! But I found my sport is not immediately ...

I tried to go to aerobics - do not like it, too hard for me given jumps ... been a runner. But the frequency of training is very dependent on weather and time of year, and in winter they do expire.

I love to roller skate, but do it again, can only in the summer, do not always have company. Besides, I have around the house is not suitable for riding areas or tracks, had to ride in the park, but time for this to be found only on the weekends ...

Note that I - Pisces the sign of the zodiac, is very fond of water, but did not know how to swim! And in magazines and on various websites, I often came across an article on the aqua-aerobics. Intrigued by the sport, I found the phone nearest the pool, and call back, I learned swimming skills for employment is optional, as exercises are performed in special zones that are likely to keep a man in the water. The next day I went to the pool!

So what positive things can get, doing aqua-aerobics:

The main plus - training in the water big fun!

All day long at work I spend time near the computer that is not very good impact on posture. In the water stress from the spine is removed. After a session in the pool back completely stopped hurting! Aqua aerobics is also recommended for people who have problems with joints and suffer from varicose veins. The pressure of water improves blood circulation, being established outflow of venous blood.

Classes are aqua aerobics classes allow you to always be in perfect shape! It is known that water offers resistance, is several times greater than air resistance, so your muscles get a serious burden, even if the motion less intense than during training on land. In this work all muscle groups. In addition, the water temperature in the basin is much lower than body temperature, which allows to burn extra calories.
During the sessions in the water is a kind of massage, the skin becomes elastic. It is believed that the aqua-aerobics - one of the best ways to combat cellulite.

And I learned how to swim. My training began in the smallest part of the basin, but soon I began to feel absolutely comfortable in the water, and is not afraid to shoot aqua belt and swim to the depths!

Classes are aqua aerobics classes are held on the music, the coach is located near a side and shows the movement that need to be repeated in the water. Duration of training approximately 40-50 minutes.
Distinguish the following types of aqua-aerobics:

  Aqua Jogging - Running in the water;
  Aqua Gym - It is strength training using special equipment: floating dumbbells, balls, special flexible sticks (Noodles), increasing resistance;
  Aqua Relaxation - Stretching exercises and relaxation;
  Aqua Cycle - Exercises that simulate technique cycling;
  Aqua Box - A lesson with the elements of boxing, karate and kickboxing.

There are special exercises for pregnant women. After the water to a minimum reduces the risk of injury.