Immortality or his surrogates?

  Immortality or his surrogates? The man began to dream of immortality as soon as they realized my mortality. This was probably one of the first of its innermost desires. Not being able to, and not knowing how to live eternally himself, he gave this power of their gods, and began to think for themselves all sorts of tricks, surrogates, to somehow reconcile with the inevitable departure of the past, many of which are undergoing significant changes, save and in our time.

To date, we have three basic psychological simulator infinite life.


He lived in the beginning of last century a man named net. He was a courier and was killed while on duty. The poet Mayakovsky, who knew him personally, once I saw the ship, named in honor of a diplomat - Theodore net ". Shaken by the encounter, he wrote a poem "To Comrade Nette - boat and man. And came to this conclusion: we live in, "... to dying, embodied in ships, in line and in many other cases."

Imagery thought Mayakovsky is not new. Such immortality is very popular. Indeed, people often think of it. Architect finds solace in the fact that after he left the building - as a piece of his soul. The artist is happy with the thought that his "I" will find continuation in the imperishable canvas. The hero will remain in people's memory, in the names of cities and streets. So Przheval'skiy immortalized himself in the name of the breed of horses. Guillotin - into an instrument of punishment. Eiffel - in the tower. General Galliffet - in my pants. Chapaev - in anecdotes. And, most importantly, people seem to understand that the immortal remains just a name, but, nevertheless, are fighting for it as though remain immortal themselves. It's amazing how this obvious self-deception, of course, amusing conceit rights in life, is automatically transferred to his feelings in his grave. But there is the famous Faberge eggs, even grains of the Faberge. And people do not care a whit about their creator, as creator is indifferent to the fate of fantastic and fabulous prices creations of his hands.


It is based on the idea that we remain in our children - they are our future, and in them we are still ourselves. Kids really mean a lot to us, if not all, but how they relate to our personal immortality? Hand on heart, tell me: do you feel yourself in a life of their forefathers and ancestors? Hardly. They do not exist in us as individuals. We can not communicate with them, and they can not rejoice at our successes and sympathize with our defeats.

Even if they come to us in a dream, and someone would believe that it is not just a dream, it's only those whom we personally know and love. A previous all? And let all of our biological ancestors, and we are in the form of a unique individual genokoda, which has evolved over thousands of years from a combination of their gametes, however, how seriously can we please the prospect of such an illusion of immortality in their own offspring? Is this not the same Faberge eggs, only in the form of eggs and sperm?


Through the idea of all religions is the ineradicable belief that after death awaits us another life, often even better than this. What can I say? After all, until you die - do not know. Blessed are those who believe, but forgive me, Lord, but if you have created, you do and gave us so inquisitive and questioning the brain, that the civilized man harder and harder to blindly rely on higher powers.

Life on Earth, generation after generation proves that all that surrounds us, everything that mankind has made, it has made with his hands and head - there was no gift from heaven. And the priest, crossing himself, falls under the surgeon's scalpel, rather than relying on miraculous recovery. And the Jehovah's Witnesses spread the gospel, using planes and trains, mobile phones and laser printers. And even a suicide bomber, not relying on the help of Allah alone in the fight against infidels, uses explosives created by people.

And when you look a little bit from all this bustle and colorful religious trappings, all this gold, and Eggs, Haji, cut, ponytails, crosses, veils, candles, prayer, icons, mats, posts on this absurdity raznoverov fight with each other - suddenly very clear, and even with a smile, you realize that humanity is - just another child who by virtue of his young age is hard to believe that Santa Claus does not really exist, and that likely would have to achieve in life itself. And the painted Easter eggs are no higher mission than to become the subject of lively after-dinner battle.

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