How to make a pleasant trip to the hairdresser?

  How to make a pleasant trip to the hairdresser? Of course, for many visits to hairdressing salon can be a favorite pastime. But in most cases, people went there only because "it's time to get a haircut." You should! After visiting this place can significantly improve your mood! You just need to approach this subject not as a duty but as a pleasant pastime.

So, what should be done in order to get maximum pleasure from this event?

  1. Decide with the hair salon. Now a lot of them and they are all different. There is a regular hairdresser, say, economy class, and there are luxury stores - VIP-class. It is therefore necessary to choose, based on their financial capabilities. And do not be upset because of what you do not have money for the VIP-lounge, a simple barber, too, work great masters, and the situation is sometimes even better (closer to home, perhaps) than in expensive salons.

It is desirable that the hairdresser was not far from home. Some do, and this question is no longer itself, as the master can come to your home. But this is the case, if you is not the first time uses the services of the hairdresser and he can fully trust his head.

  2. Some hairdressers work on writing, ie, you must pre-register to the master. It is the best option because you do not have to wait for their turn (especially when the masters of obstruction before the holidays and weekends). If you do not know to which master you want to go (and it is usually like, for example, not to the novice and experienced), then when you call in advance to the hairdresser, tell the administrator wishes, and he (a) you write just such a master.

  3. When you go to the barber, the barber you sit down in a chair. First, he (a) ask you, what would you like to do with their hair: what a haircut, or what color you would like to paint, etc. Try to give details to him (her) what you want. It will be just fine if you bring your photo with the hairstyle you want. So the master would be easier to understand what you need to do.

  DO NOT ask the master questions like: "And you have a good barber?". Such a question immediately "hit on his hands", and no artist would never say to himself that he was badly mows.

Therefore, if the barber did not immediately cause you confidence, it is better not cut it. And my nerves ll, and the master.

  4. NOTE: the barber's always best to come with clean, bright head. I want to disappoint those who believed his head clean after washing it two or three days ago. Net head - it is when you wash it, for example, in the morning.

If your head is clear, the barber just dampen it and pay a balm for easy combing. If he thinks your head dirty, he wash it with shampoo.

Why is it important to do on clean hair cut? Because the dirty, greasy head affects the quality of haircuts, and barber tools on the hair can become blunt. And anyway, unless he was pleased to work with a dirty head?

  5. When the barber finished, he must ask you, Are you satisfied with the result. If you do not like something, do not need to worry and be rude to the master, simply correctly point out that you are not satisfied.

Simply put, going to the barber, keep in mind that from there you can get a completely different person. Moreover, this applies not only looks but also your soul. Sometimes it happens that the soul "cat scratch". And, having come to the barbershop, you can talk with the master (after all, a hairdresser - a kind and a psychologist), he listens to you, and perhaps even something to advise.