In fact, we all understand how nicotine is fatal for our health, even if you do not read about" />

 How to quit smoking?

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  How to quit smoking? In fact, we all understand how nicotine is fatal for our health, even if you do not read about it on a pack of cigarettes or cigarettes. It is aware of those who has the reputation of malicious smoker. And it should be with someone of them talk about sore as soon as you hear: a long time to quit smoking, yes, they say, can not. So, must be willing. And this is the main condition.

If there is no desire, then sooner or later you are doomed to return to the smoking room. Moreover, the intention must be firm: he took and threw away half-full pack of cigarettes. If you intend to empty, and then switch to a healthy lifestyle, it means the desire to quit smoking is not so great. Perhaps it is generally illusory. That is, forget about it quickly, when you go to the shop for a new pack of Marlboros.

For those who have firmly decided that with tobacco intoxicating to an end, there are two ways to get rid of the habit. The first and most promising - it is when not smoke at all. That is completely abandoned, even from one delay. This method is promising, but strong-willed. In the sense that not everyone at once so it will be resolved. Because, according to statistics, such those who once "tied up", very little.

Most are so accustomed to tobacco, that they prefer to get rid of dependence gradually: instead of packs of cigarettes a day go to the dose in half. And then three. And then opt out of any "mischief" tobacco.

The method is also a full, but it is associated with many problems. In control difficult, especially when at work, for example, is experiencing stress. In this case, to govern themselves like this. Extend the time between the break. And if you really want to smoke, then tell yourself this: have it for another hour, and only then a smoke. The process of this very grave. But if you see that have gotten to a place in front of the next task to reduce the dose of tobacco consumption. And eventually you will come to that one day you do not smoke a single cigarette. This is the climax. You feel that you can do without something to smoke. This is good.

At such moments, unfortunately, you will often entice a cigarette. Be the guts, and give up. Remember that only once renounced the desire to end smoking, you can quickly return to a pack of cigarettes a day. Even worse, when tempt himself. For example, you want to test yourself, do not return a bad habit after one smoked cigarettes. Experimenting is not necessary. I assure you that the habit of unexpectedly resumes. For each such cigarettes are usually looking for some excuse. The motto should be the same: "Do not smoke! Do not smoke ever! There can be no justification for each smoked a cigarette! "

Best of all, when your side is not anything that would remind of the past. Put away ashtrays, lighters, matches. Better yet, if you throw them without regret. If none of this would be before his eyes, there would be no temptation to smoke.

Having achieved high levels and experiencing great satisfaction, you should be ready for new challenges. The desire to smoke will torment you even in dreams. As some argue, there is a so-called prokuritelnaya dominant. This is the smallest part of the brain that stores information that you once smoked. Here it is something and not give you peace of mind for some time. In reality, this means that you have done away with a bad habit. And soon these terrible dreams will be less and less, and then generally leave you.