Why so called wisdom tooth?

  Why so called wisdom tooth? Wisdom teeth - molars, which usually appear at age 17-25 years (sometimes later, rarely-used). Among modern dentists made to believe that wisdom teeth is so called because they appear much later than other teeth, at an age when people supposedly wiser than as a child.

Total teeth in humans - 32, with 4 of them - wisdom teeth, excess, because they do not affect the functioning of the chewing system. Wisdom teeth can be called a kind of rudiments, because, by and large, they are a modern man no longer needed. The fact is that in the evolution of human jaw dropped due to the use of softer foods, and it turned out that for the wisdom teeth in it simply had no place. That is why, when the wisdom tooth is cut, people often feel very uncomfortable.

That's what they write about dentists teeth of wisdom: "There are three unpleasant options of development, associated with wisdom tooth. First, the wisdom tooth can erupt not until the end, without disturbing the surrounding teeth. This process usually goes along with inflammation and pain.

Secondly, the wisdom tooth is sometimes cut a very long time, and thus inflammation is constant, there may be fever and severe pain. This condition is dangerous complications, such as swelling of the surrounding tissues.

Finally, another possible option - this is where the wisdom tooth does not erupt at all. However, despite the absence, he is dangerous. In particular, the implicit wisdom tooth can cause damage to the roots of adjacent teeth or touch nerves. In this case requires urgent consultation with a dentist and, most likely, the operation, ie removal of wisdom teeth.

 According to its location wisdom tooth is in the depth of the jaw, so not always available for cleaning, which can develop caries. His sealing due to the distance is not always successful "

What is beyond? What wisdom tooth completely useless? And the only cause harm? But for some reason is the nature gives us this bone. Is there anything in nature is unnecessary items? I turned to scientific research that establishes the connection between all of the physical with the psyche.

In particular, Louise Hay, wrote that the teeth in our body symbolize the determination and the difficulty is with the wisdom teeth suggests that "man does not give place in your mind to lay a solid foundation for later life." In my opinion, this language could be described in one word "wisdom". It turns out that most likely the wisdom in the title of "wisdom teeth" refers to our ancestors not so literally, as it is perceived in modern dentistry.

On the psychophysical connection, it is clear that if a man to 17-25 years has wisdom enough to see their lives and to understand its meaning, and have the determination to implement their own plans in life, there are no problems with wisdom teeth will not. That is, these teeth clearly identify how man has wisdom. So, maybe that is why they are called? In my opinion, it is more probable version. Our ancestors, I think, were much more observant of modern physicians, and look for reasons not in the tissues and gums, and in the human soul.

To verify if my thoughts make sense, I turned to history. It turned out that wisdom teeth are connected many legends and signs. Moreover, in different cultures relate to the wisdom teeth in different ways, but always consider these teeth are special. For example, the gypsies are a sign of wisdom tooth buried in the cemetery: they say that six months he would bring riches. In Zoroastrian ideas, if a person has not left wisdom tooth, so he is deprived of the protection of the ancestors of the sixth generation.

Ancient Slavic beliefs say that this tooth occurs when a person attains wisdom, spiritual maturity, gaining the protection of higher powers and ancestors. The latter, who took all four wisdom teeth, was considered the most powerful spiritual and called the keeper of the genus. It was also agreed to speak wisdom teeth apart from the rest of the teeth. To do so, he "owner" of these unusual teeth whispering at the water spell: "wisdom - my defense - my, mind you, the sickness - not mine!" After conspiracy drinking water or rinsed his mouth.

In research, too, there is evidence that the wisdom tooth is connected with the inner world of man. So the German physician, Dr. Voll in his writings prove that each tooth is connected with certain organs of the human body and disease specific tooth - a signal that the wrong organ. So wisdom teeth Voll connects to the psyche.