Potato tuber nightshade, you told us everything about yourself? (Part 1)

Potato tuber nightshade, you told us everything about yourself? (Part 1) At home in the kitchen potatoes we use almost everywhere: in the preparation of soups, as a garnish for vegetables, meat and fish dishes, as well as fungi. Because it makes dumplings, rolls, zrazy, pancake, pancakes, used as a filling for tarts, pies and more. All this is well known.

But not always respected 1,111,116. Rules 1,111,117. To help save 1,111,116. usefulness of potato 1,111,117. , Its high nutritional value when cooked.

The rules are simple:

when cleaning the potatoes can not be cut too thick layer of skin, as in the border peel the flesh holds much of the valuable substances;
best potatoes retain their useful properties when it is cooked in a "uniform";
can not leave peeled potatoes for a long time in the water, while starch is washed away;
Bookmark potatoes produced only in boiling salted water, when boiling water should cover the potatoes;
turns up the potatoes should be in a sealed container in a little water;
immersed in hot fat sliced and pre-dried potato.

Potato is one of the main sources of vitamin C in human nutrition. Much 1,111,116. prophylactic value of 1,111,117. in maintaining health are contained therein trace:

"Hardware" involved in haemopoiesis;
"Iodine" provides normal functioning of the thyroid gland and plays an important role in preventing the development of atherosclerosis;
due to the high content of "K", potatoes assists in the removal of water from the body.


Starch extracted from tubers, used as enveloping anti-inflammatory agent in the gastro-intestinal diseases;

In folk medicine for gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, with high acidity and permanent, not subject to headaches recommended juice of raw potato (red varieties). To do this, washed and worn dry potatoes with the skin cleaned with a grater, the juice is pressed and used only in fresh 3 times daily on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals or before bedtime to 0.5 cups for 20 days, subject to the therapeutic diet (usually such treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor);

Ancient folk remedy is inhaling "potato steam (vapor inhalation from potatoes cooked in their skins) for respiratory diseases;

In China, potatoes treat skin diseases, metabolic disorders, encephalitis.

When you receive a potato dishes observed diuretic effect, which is important when preparing clinical nutrition.

As food is the most versatile potato and broad application.

At its far-off country, Chile and Peru, it was used in the food already in ancient times - in the seventh millennium BC.

In Europe, potatoes introduced in the sixteenth century, and since then he made a "victory march" in many countries as the main source of food.

In the eighteenth century it was even used not only as a vegetable plant, but also for the preparation of bread.