Anecdote, inspired by the advertisement:   Your dentist will methodically rip the patient, all" />

 Why do we have 32 teeth?

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  Why do we have 32 teeth? Anecdote, inspired by the advertisement:
  Your dentist will methodically rip the patient, all 32 teeth, carefully examines them, and exclaims in surprise:
- Surprisingly, for six months any new holes! ..

One of the worst nightmares rights - is to find yourself in a dental chair in a society dentist fanatic. Millions of people suffer from dental pain, cursing his thirty-two teeth and losing consciousness from the constant buzz of drills. But do not waste our jaw crown 32 teeth. Not only do they grind food, but also are of great importance - they are involved in the formation of speech and contribute to its purity. Currently, the teeth also have aesthetic value. For beautiful teeth - it is often indicators of social status of man. Nothing in nature exists for a reason. Let's try to figure it out.

The first tooth erupts at children aged about 6 months, and sentenced to 3 years in the majority of children are formed all the baby teeth. For 6-7 years baby teeth begin to fall and there are several permanent teeth. By 13-14 years, there should be 28. In 18-25 years there are very unhealthy and painful - wisdom teeth. Some people grow up all 4 wisdom teeth, someone may be 1 or 2, some wisdom teeth are absent. It all depends on individual circumstances.

Each tooth carries out its work, has its own structure. As many as 11,111,122. 12 [/b] teeth-molars have a surface with grooves for chewing food; 8 teeth-premolars engaged in tearing and grinding food; 4 canine pierces food and tear it to pieces; 8 front teeth, incisors are cutting edge and serve directly for biting food.

It is believed that the number of our teeth strictly vymeryalos in the process of evolution. They were all old people are necessary for chewing raw meat and coarse meal. Currently, the food has a softer texture and for its chewing enough 11,111,122. 20-24 [/b] Teeth . Some foreign dentists even recommend "thin out" the teeth as a child, to the rest of it was freer to grow and they are less spoiled. However unlikely the parents would expose their children an additional "torture" for the sake of dubious theory.

And recently, Austrian scientists discovered that the nerves that are appropriate to the roots of all 32 teeth associated with 32 nuclei of the hypothalamus - part of the brain that regulates the activities of various organs. Thus, chewing food, we not only grinds it and help to digest the stomach, but mechanically working on various related dental authorities. Consequently, any dental disease can make a problem with the "patronage" body.

At the same time, the teeth can give us enormous trouble. Most people faced with tooth decay and gum disease that age to 50 leads to the absence of most teeth. In addition, the patients teeth, leading to lowered immunity, are the rudiments of some diseases of the digestive system that occurs due to inflammation in the gums and teeth.