Halitosis, cause it to worry? Part 1. Causes

  Halitosis, cause it to worry? Part 1. Causes The role of odors in our lives is difficult to overestimate. Many sympathies and antipathies arise under the influence of odors, even though we often do not even think about it. The smell of the same mouth can ruin a man's life: he will not accept to work with him do not want to continue the acquaintance, colleague in a conversation will try to move away or turn away.

Typically, he holds halitosis it does not feel he had long been accustomed to it. Bad breath - this alarm: something in the body are not in order. The cause of bad breath can be a disease of the stomach, and pathology of the ENT organs. But above all, to contact your dentist.

Pay attention to the language. Not by chance the doctors call it a "mirror of the stomach." A thick white or yellow plaque indicates trouble in the digestive system and may itself be a source of heavy smell. Consult your gastroenterologist, he will appoint you to a special diet. Advise cleaned with a toothbrush not only the teeth, but language.

In chronic gastritis with low acidity slows the digestion of proteins. Recommended physician acceptance of the gastric juice, enzyme preparations will get rid of the smell. Breath - a symptom of esophageal diverticula (saccular diverticulum of the esophagus wall). The sour smell is possible with gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, accompanied by high acidity of gastric contents. Cause for concern specific scents, such as acetone in diabetic coma, ammonia in the case of renal failure in kidney diseases, putrid smell in the lung abscess or bronchiectasis (pockets formed in the bronchi accumulated pus). Such smells - pretext for immediate treatment to the doctor.

Typically, bad breath accompanied by gum disease, the presence of dental plaque, interdental pockets. The teeth affected by tooth decay, can also cause bad breath. If a person has a so-called "pockets" - abnormal deepening in interdental spaces, then they usually get stuck leftovers, remove them yourself is almost impossible, so begins the process of decay. He is accompanied by pain, inflammation, and, of course, smell. No toothpaste will not help. It is essential that the dentist "clean out" all of his pockets and carried out treatment, encouraging them to complete healing.

At the dental practice are often cases where only one scaling enough to bad mouth odor disappeared. The fact that the dental stone is saturated with pathogens that cause not only inflammation of the gum tissue, but the smell is very unpleasant. In cases where the smell is associated with diseases of hard tissues of teeth or gum tissue, everything is solved quite simply: it is necessary to rescue, that is the full recovery of the oral cavity, and the problem will be solved. We only have the desire and patience of man.

However, there are times when bad breath is more complex cause. For example, in some diseases of the salivary glands in the mouth does not do the required amount of saliva, or saliva too viscous. This leads to disruption of self-purification processes of the oral cavity, which is accompanied by a bad smell. "Bad smell" and many diseases of mucous membranes. In these cases, specific recommendations will only doctor.