How to remove a toothache?

  How to remove a toothache? How to remove a toothache?
"Go to the dentist" - can answer any sane person. But sometimes (and by law misunderstandings - very often), that it was at the time of acute dental pain to get to the doctor is not possible. If you are away from civilization or a crafty caries decided to remind myself of the night, do not rush to despair.

There are simple means by which to address this very unpleasant pain or at least reduce it. However, the need at the first opportunity to see a doctor these "tricks" you can not spare. Without the intervention of a specialist or your tooth pulp (namely, these diseases cause pain) can escalate into more serious, sometimes life-threatening, complications.

But while the dentist is not available, look in your medicine cabinet pill dipyrone or its substitutes. Having cleared the cavity from food residues with toothpicks, put the back part of the crushed pills, covered with a cotton pad.

With the success can be used to relieve toothache mixture of salt, garlic and onion. Garlic and onion cook porridge, add salt to it (all take in equal parts, for example, a quarter teaspoon), mix thoroughly. At the bottom clean of food residue cavity in the tooth, place this mixture and cover with a cotton pad.

Salt helps drain exudates at the site of inflammation, as in onions and garlic is a strong phytoncides, destructive effect on bacteria.

Helps to get rid of a toothache and propolis (bee glue). A small piece of this natural medicine have to put in a clean cavity. Biologically active substances contained in propolis, have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

There is another way. If you have a toothache on the left (does not matter whether the upper or lower), then attach a cut garlic clove to the point where detectable pulse at the wrist of his right hand and secure it with adhesive plaster or bandage. Cut of garlic should be addressed to the skin.

And if you have a toothache on the right, garlic is fixed to the spot where the pulse palpated on the left hand. Dentists claim that this method is effective.

It can relieve pain and gargle with sage: it brewed as tea and warm rinse sore spot, trying as long as possible to keep the infusion to the patient section of the gums. Cooled infusion to be changed. Such a procedure should prodelyvat to five times within an hour.

Not bad works and a piece of lard (skin, fresh or salt). If bacon salt, then salt to clean off. This slice is placed on the sore spot between the gum and cheek. Keeping fifteen or twenty minutes, until the pain subsides.

Among the recipes and found this method of removing dental pain: in the ear with the patient by putting root of plantain and keep it up to the disappearance of pain. Experts say that it takes half an hour.

German scientists offer a curious and unexpected way for toothache - squats. Doctors say that squats are slow, but better than pain pills.