How to make "cranberry duck"? Collection of simple recipes

How to make "cranberry duck"? Collection of simple recipes Utku skills necessary to prepare special - you think, once again passing the frozen duck carcass in mind, how would diversify the domestic table. And wrong. Can handle this task even the person who absolutely does not know how to cook. Gagged?

To start, choose a duck. Unfortunately, in supermarkets domestic product today to meet difficult. Ducks mostly imported from Holland or Sweden, though in a village outside Moscow, in the villages of the Kuban and Orel extinct these delicious waterfowl. Better, of course, get to the nearest market and buy a home Russia.

Country Duck even the appearance differs from abroad. She has a thick rind with a yellowish tinge, a lot of internal fat from the inside, under the tail. And most important - a lot of meat under the skin. Here is something we, my dear, and need.

How to make "cranberry duck"? Collection of simple recipes Mix apples, cranberries and honey ... (Photo: Anna Martynova)
Although the village has grown, duck still game. And like any game, requires in addition berries, but it is desirable forest, wild. In this regard, cranberry fits perfectly. So today we will prepare duck with cranberry sauce.

Main dish:
Duck - 1,5-2 kg
2 tbsp fresh cranberries
A sweet apple
2 tbsp honey

200 g cranberries
2-3 tablespoons honey
4 cloves garlic
2 tbsp oil
0.5 cups water
salt and sugar to taste
spices: cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, basil, oregano, juniper

Turn oven on full power. While it is warming up, and my obsushivaem duck , Cut away excess fat. Apple cut into large chunks or cubes, cleaned only serdtsevinku with seeds. In a separate bowl, mix apples and cranberries with honey, leaving little honey to smear a duck.

How to make "cranberry duck"? Collection of simple recipes ... Stuffing fruity blend of duck (Photo: Anna Martynova)
Carcase is rubbed with coarse salt from the outside, then lubricates a little bit of honey. Inside lay the fruit in honey. If desired, you can sew up the belly, but because the cooking process complete success. If the big apple no Sgoda 4-5 small or 2-3 medium. If the filling will not trouble: it can eat and so, apart from the ducks.

How to make "cranberry duck"? Collection of simple recipes Cranberry sauce is preparing by hand, using the pistil (Photo: Anna Martynova)
Nafarshirovanuyu carcass put on the griddle with grill, deducts the gas to the average intensity and put the duck in the oven. Until her readiness to 2 hours. Every 30 minutes, rotate pan to the other side to the wall oven to duck how to flush. In addition, every time intensive Pour precipitated carcass fat, not forgetting to pour 1-2 tablespoons of berries, if you do not sew up the belly. This will help without the hassle to get crisp zazharistuyu crust .

While the duck comes to the condition under our strict guidance, proceed to the preparation of sauces. It can be quickly mixed in a blender or food processor, but in the process they gave me no helpers. Cranberry sauce, made by hand, special taste turns. For the same reason we do not prepare 11,111,128. Microwaved [/url] And at the plate.

How to make "cranberry duck"? Collection of simple recipes Rotate and pour the juice carcass to every half hour (Photo: Anna Martynova)
So, pour 11,111,134. cranberries [/url] in that vessel, which will cook. Adding to her honey and gently crush a wooden pestle. If not, come tolkushka for making mashed potatoes. Do not be afraid of pieces of cranberry skins or berries, miraculously preserved whole - so delicious! Then pour water and 2 teaspoons oil (preferably olive) - and boil on the stove.

Sauce over high heat has the ability to be sprayed and burn, and therefore reduce the strength of the flame and stir frequently. During the breaks do not forget to try the salt and sugar. Salt (to my taste, of course) took a couple of schepotok, and sugar - 3 tsp. Then he tried to top up her husband and two spoons, he seemed to sour. Honey, contrary to belief, not the sauce adds sweetness and flavor.

Fifteen minutes the sauce to achieve sufficient condition. So after 10 minutes after the set it on the stove, add the finely chopped (not crushed!) Garlic, a little cardamom, sticks, five or six cloves, on the tip of a knife of cinnamon, a pinch of dry Regan and basil, a sprig of juniper. Dai prokipet - and the sauce is ready!

Soon ready to duck. If it is more than two kilograms, while finding it in the oven can be increased to 10-15 minutes, no more. Get it on the white light, in a separate saucepan merge formed fat. Scissors to carefully cut the bird the bird on the breast. Put the dish on a tablespoon of baked fruit, then cut meat portions. To him serve cranberry sauce - tomato is superfluous.