How to make cottage cheese pudding "as a child?

  How to make cottage cheese pudding "as a child? Perhaps the most vivid culinary memories from my childhood - a cottage cheese casserole. Usually we, little fidgets, she regaled the breakfast in the kindergarten, pouring milk. Of course, not us, and casseroles. And what child does not like condensed milk? But we have not actually about her.

So, it has been almost two decades, a kindergarten is long gone, but about the Casserole Until recently, I periodically nostalgia. I decided to play, so to speak, on sensory memory. And what do you think? The first pancake, that is, casserole, we got a lump: he was like a pie with a little curd flavor. But I experimented on, and that's ultimately what happened.

Do not rush to immediately run to the store for cheese. First, see if you have a form for baking and what it is: on its size will depend on the proportion of components needed for casseroles. Now in stores sell very comfortable silicone molds for baking, which is convenient enough to use, protect from burning and keep the nerves hostess, who can pretty worn out when you remove remnants of burnt another 1,111,114. culinary traditions [/url] . For example, I use a form as a bear (length 26 cm, height 6 cm) and has already know exactly how much and what should be.

Now make sure that your home is oven. Who knows, you have moved or given to anyone oven (and this happens). Working oven - it is also important. To mix the ingredients look closely among the various bowls perfect volume. Now, actually, about the products.

You need a normal fat cottage cheese (5%, 9%), with better weight, rather than in packs. You can take and fatter (18%), but will not make low-calorie: casserole turns dry. Eggs, chicken, sugar, salt, milk, semolina, raisins. To this basic list, I still add vanilla sugar and cinnamon.

I am convinced that one of the most important moments in cooking casseroles are the proportions of its constituent components. If you add more decoys, you get "Grandma" (as in Ukraine, called curd cake). If the spare milk, then it would not be as juicy.

Given the size of my form, I take 700 grams of cottage cheese, 2 eggs, 3 tablespoons semolina (no slides), 2 tablespoons sugar, a glass of milk, 2 tablespoons of raisins, vegetable oil, 1/3 teaspoon salt and a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla sugar. If your form is more, it is primarily follow the proportions of cheese, a lot of which also need to increase.

Cooking techniques
Do not neglect the fact the order in which you mix the ingredients and in what way. It is worth noting an important detail: if you want to feel the pieces of cheese to pudding was soft, then stir the mass is a fork, and if you like "air" option, then you need a mixer. In the second case it is better to replace the sugar with powdered sugar.

  How to make cottage cheese pudding "as a child? Bear, part-time cottage cheese casserole. (Photo: A. Kursk)
 A procedure will be: First Beat eggs (for a version of "air" whites and yolks whipped separately), add sugar (powdered sugar), salt, vanilla sugar, Gradually add cheese (for the version of the "air" can pre-mix the milk and cheese), milk, add semolina . And the final touch - cinnamon and raisin. For consistency, the future should look like a casserole liquid cream.

If you are using silicone molds, then do not fill it immediately. First remove from the oven grill, which will be uniform. Then put on her form, lubricate the latest vegetable oil, pour the mass is in a form load in the oven. Otherwise, the liquid casserole simply will result.

Oven should be preheated to 185-190 ° C. Feel free to send back the results of your laborious kneading and wait for 30 minutes. Then switch off and let the casserole is ready then.

"Dinner is served!"
Cottage cheese pudding should be served to the table lukewarm, of course, plenty of watering every bit of condensed milk, cream, chocolate syrup or honey.