Are you familiar with Belarusian sausage? No? Then you live in vain!

  Are you familiar with Belarusian sausage? No? Then you live in vain! Certainly, as the immortal masterpieces of Bach devoted his newfangled coffee, and great Gogol wrote about the dumplings and dumplings, could and should have to express my admiration of the Belarusian sausage. About the Belarusian beef tenderloin! About the Belarusian finger shove sausage! Oh, Belarus Brawn! How sweet you are my stomach! As gently caress you taste buds of my tongue! How to terminate my greedy mouth watered at the sight of you! Oh, the Belarusian meat-packing! Thank you for all eternity!

And, indeed, anywhere else I have not eaten so delicious, expertly cooked meat "vyrabau", as in Belarus. I am accustomed to thinking that my countrymen Ukrainians know a lot about «ковбаске» и умеют ее готовить. Куда там! Им далеко до прилежных белорусских колбасников. Или же я полагал, что и в России колбаса not so ugly. Where there is! Practice on the Belarusian sausage, language accurately detects the presence of starch and soybean in the Russian sausage and refuses to accept it, becoming a stake in the mouth. Sausage in the European Union - also do not understand. Something like that, and delicious, and beautiful wrapping, and the feeling of all the chemical crap, sausage Sham, nenastoyaschesti still remains.

Go to any Belarusian butcher. Do u have ... eyes ran in different directions. Right - right. Left, wretch, - to the left. And jumped over the counter, over the counter. "Doctor", "Moscow", "Krakow". "On-Warsaw", "and Berlin", "in Grodno. Boiled, cooked-smoked, smoked. Chicken, duck, turkey, pork, beef, horsemeat, leggings. Brawn, saltison, flyaski. And a lot of other - not counted.

  Pork tenderloin sandwich . Thee I sing my song about beef tenderloin! When I first tasted this meat dish, I fell in love with him, not knowing how it is called, neither of which is being prepared. Translucent, with an amber tint to the meat cut circles, which did not last long after playing in the sun, melt in your mouth, leaving behind all their delicate flavor and eternal thirst quickly eat more. More! More! And more! While the dish is empty. While not bring more! While you can not breathe!

Pork tenderloin sandwich is made from juxtaspinal longitudinal pieces of pork. Cuts them in long strips, rubbed with salt and spices and somehow vyalyat. Ways of cooking sirloin, at a minimum, tens, up to the fact that the pieces of meat hanging in a refrigerator, where warmer. Interestingly, beef tenderloin and bacon here has its own distinctive flavor, taste of herbs and something else, which I have not seen anywhere else. Like, well, sausage and 1,111,118. Sausage [/url] . This is better, that worse. But like the taste of something similar. But the Belarusian sirloin he did not like anything.

And lard badsome here. Not that in a vacuum. And the fact that "live". A little dried, herb rubbed in the light prilavochnyh lamps shining. His Excellency Salo! Saltse! Salushko! Thick as a snow clean, white layer and a thin, colored brandy, meat prosloechka. Again, snow and cognac. Snow and cognac. So it begs the mouth, and begging.

A пальцем пиханная колбаса Her name Belarusians themselves? It's a symphony of taste! Elegy taste buds! Joy of the eye in the evening after a hard day! Especially if the meat in the pihanke "soft and melt in your mouth. Because it happens and "hard". But even she happily accepted exhausted all possible chemistry of the stomach, because he understands, poor thing, that is all natural, his benefit.

My mother came to me from the Ukraine, fell in love with 0,000,003. . That is a pig head, ears, and stigmas. Sometimes there also includes the liver, lungs and heart. But it is, rather, another ode to get - more soltisonu.

So, all this "swinish thing" is packaged in a natural casing (sometimes stomach, sometimes even that), the minimum dyes - all gray color, and at least another trash, which is so fond falshivokolbasniki. It is Brawn five times cheaper than a good sausage - and how! Only a "pork meat heads"! But this weighty meat loaf at you looking pieces kusischi meat, and not staring shyly soy or toilet paper! Hrodna Brawn is not very zhaluyut. Why, just a "pig meat heads", rather than breast or vertebral soft part! So they say: "Oh, Brawn. Let's go "pihanku" kuplyats.