Most of the coffee people understand: their favorite drink does not strengthen health. The dama" />

 How to quit drinking ... coffee?

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  How to quit drinking ... coffee? Most of the coffee people understand: their favorite drink does not strengthen health. The damage from constant use of this aromatic stimulant is proven, and for persons suffering from high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, it is very large.

But what do I do if morning cheerfulness and readiness for the new working day begins only after the devastation of 1,111,112. cup of strong coffee [/url] ? What if you left the force in the midst of the labor process?

Let's try to find substitutes. With some of them will come over and help maintain health.

 Зеленый чай взбодрит вас не хуже кофе, ведь в его состав также входит кофеин, да еще и в большем количестве. Однако этот кофеин не перевозбуждает нервную систему и не повышает давление. Почему именно зеленый ? This variety of tea is much better in black, thanks to special processing technologies, he retains all the vitamins and minerals. The shops sell all sorts of varieties of the tea on the most refined taste. Very soon you will feel a new, vigorous and active person. It picks up extra calories, since this drink enhances the metabolic processes in the body.

 Кофейный напиток подойдет для тех, кому трудно пережить разлуку с любимым вкусом. К тому же и его внешний вид напоминает кофе, хотя сделан он из исключительно полезных для поднятия иммунитета компонентов: цикория , Barley, cardamom, etc. A coffee drink is better to drink with milk and stronger diluted, can be safely given to children.

  Cocoa suitable as a substitute for coffee, if it is natural, due to form the backbone of the drink cocoa beans. Cocoa tones, improves performance and even uplifting. You can also eat a slice of dark chocolate with high content of cocoa beans (50%).

  Breath of fresh air excellent save from an unusual drowsiness. Closeness affects health, so do not forget to ventilate the room where you are. Sleeping in a stuffy bedroom will give you a sense of broken in the morning. Homes useful humidifiers. If you need to cheer up - go to the street, or at least a glimpse for a minute window. The frosty air force better than any coffee, but not pereohladites!

 Контрастный душ по утрам – еще один проверенный способ улучшения самочувствия, дающий заряд бодрости на целый день. Главное, чтобы эта процедура harmoniously joined in the scheme of awakening and did not take place before the exit to the snow-covered streets.

Keep in mind that if you want a cup of coffee is not just a habit, but has already managed to bring you up to caffeine addiction - the process of weaning will occur for a long time, gradually, as cleanse the body of toxins. Be patient - and very soon you will regain a sound sleep and a wonderful mood.

You are a novice coffee lover, and your passion for your favorite beverage is not turned into addiction? Then give up coveted cup, drunk on the occasion, not necessarily. Above all, keep yourself in the hands and listen to your health.