Solanka: Is there a better way to cheer?

  Solanka: Is there a better way to cheer? After any holiday, fun, rich, drunk and stormy night his eyes with great difficulty looking at this beautiful of all worlds.

You feel a thousand years old man, frail and rootless, and it seems that there is no escape, all over. Outlived. Migratory.

But suddenly - eureka! Inspiration at the level of enlightenment: no, no, not today, out there ... Soljanka! Hooray! Soljanka ! Only the thought leaves hope, gives a sense of youth and health, restoring youthful ardor and the possibility of new love. Girls, ay, where are you? We are alive! So, forward, toward the sun, to 1,111,114. Solyanke [/b] . Hurrah, we are saved!

 Solyanka acute
At 10 servings:

 Any meat, 400 g, beef tongue boiled 200 grams, 150 grams of sausage home, smoked sausage, 100 g, carrot red large 4 pcs., Turnips Medium 3 pc., Onion turnip acute large 4 pcs., Pickled cucumbers small 6 pcs., Mushrooms salt 150 g fresh tomatoes large 2 pcs., tomato paste 3 tbsp, sweet Bulgarian pepper 2 pcs., 0.5 tsp chili pepper, paprika 1 teaspoon sweet, black pepper 0.5 hours l., celery root 50 g, celery fresh green large 2 stalks, dried basil 1 tsp, Zira (or azhgon) 1 tsp vegetable oil 50 g, black olives, pitted salt 30 pcs., 2 tablespoons tablespoons dry red wine, bay leaf, 10 pcs., salt.

 Meat, tongue, sausage chopped and fry over high heat. Pour into a saucepan 3 liters of water and bring to a boil, lower back sliced meat products. Brew.

  Морковь натереть на крупной терке. Турнепс , Onions, cucumbers and mushrooms, cut into cubes, peppers Bulgarian shred. In a deep pan, pour oil, heat, fry the carrots and celery root, add the onion. Continuing to put out, put sweet Bulgarian pepper, after 5 minutes - cut into slices tomatoes, mix.

Dilute in a separate pan tomato paste with water, pour it sweet paprika, chili pepper, black pepper, ziru, all add to the pan, stir and stew.

In a saucepan with the sliced meat products omit turnips and cook. Add cucumbers and mushrooms there, as well as the contents of the pan. Cucumber brine to adjust the desired level of acid. In the acute need to add boiling water to create the desired concentration. As soon as the turnips will be almost ready, put a bay leaf, pour basil , Chopped green celery, put it in a saucepan. To enhance the taste Pour two tablespoons of dry red wine, salt, bring to readiness.

 Serve with sour cream, sprinkled with sliced black olives, twists of lemon and herbs, greens ... a lot of greens.

 Finally (oh, happy moment!) From the refrigerator ice, pure as a tear, unprecedented in beauty and nobility, desired to tremble, remembers dreams, Vodka , Pour.

"Hurrah!" Dear wife, children, grandchildren, friends and girlfriend, happiness and youth to you, in this unforgettable hour of bliss. Hooray!