How to quickly prepare mushroom soup?

  How to quickly prepare mushroom soup? The eternal problem of employed people - Nutrition. On sandwiches and coffee for a long time can not last, it is - a sure way to gastroenterologist. But to prepare something more substantial just not enough time. And in stores increased demand as sausage and a variety of yogurt and curds under the sauce that they know for sure are useful.

It is something so useful, but they are clearly not enough. Need what is called "hot food", that is, a variety of soup and main dishes. However, their preparation requires time, which is not always enough. And if we talk about such delicacies as mushroom soup, then a similar diet can all forget.

However, not all so gloomy on the horizon. There are recipes for "fast food", to master that, by the way, maybe even an inveterate bachelor, whose culinary peak - Eggs .

To prepare a "fast" mushroom soup, needed a set of canned food. First and foremost, of course, mushrooms. In season you can buy and 1,111,114. fresh mushrooms [/url] (Or even walk in the little forest with a basket), but if you absolutely have no time or as now - winter, then the services of cooks shop counters. Frozen mushrooms - what you need for holiday stomach.

Depending on what kind of mushrooms are available, there are different 1,111,116. recipes soup [/url] .

Soup with chanterelles
To the soup was prepared quickly, will have to forget about such wonderful ingredients like veal or beef ribs kumpyachok. Speed, like beauty, requires sacrifice. Therefore, bought canned goods: Fasolka stew with beef or braised peas with beef. For the filling is needed, frozen mixed vegetables - corn, peas, asparagus, green beans, carrots, broccoli .

Complete happiness will ensure that the two medium-sized potatoes and one onion. However, if the time not at all, then the onions can be ignored.

In a pan pour 3 liters of water, potatoes (2 pcs.) Cleaned, washed, cut - in a saucepan. Vodicka is brought to a boil and boil the potatoes peacefully. Once the water began to boil, add frozen vegetables - about 3-4 handfuls. You and five, if you like thick soups. Simultaneously, in another saucepan put Chanterelles (Number - depending on how many mushrooms you prefer to see the plate) filled with water and also - on fire. Then half an hour you can forget about the saucepan and do their business.

Once passed half an hour, opened a bank with Fasolka or peas, and its contents spill out into the pan with the future of soup. Chanterelles are removed from the fire, the water is discharged (just unscrew the contents of the saucepan into a colander), and fungi are passed in that pot, which is already beginning to smell the soup. As a condiment - two stock cubes.

It was at this point - along with mushrooms - in a pot would be good to add the fried onions. But if it is not - okay. Ten minutes later, add chopped greens, and another five soup is removed from the fire.

Soup with porcini mushrooms, russules, mushrooms
But maybe you're not too fond of peas or haricot soup. Or - a cool attitude to the chanterelle. In this case, you can buy other frozen mushrooms: mushrooms, white, russules etc. How trouble-free option - mushrooms (They know that is practically in any store).

Again require two potatoes and medium-sized onion. But in this case onions ignore undesirable, but better to spend on it for five minutes.

As in the previous version, potatoes - in a saucepan (3 liters of water) and let boil. But mushrooms have a little trouble. First, they must boil, then drain, rinse, and - lightly fry. And only after that they can make a company potatoes.

It would be nice to add to the full happiness fried carrots. But if you do not like or too lazy to bother - you can do without it. But the onion - you want to add, along with mushrooms.

At the same time added two stock cubes, and - the main filler. They will ... barley porridge beef. Once the contents of cans of porridge gone to the pot, you need to wait 5 minutes, add chopped greens, and another five minutes - the soup is ready.