Appetizer "Cucumber tree": how to "grow" decoration for the holiday table?

  Appetizer "Cucumber tree": how to "grow" decoration for the holiday table? Cucumber tree, which I want to offer you - not something that comes from the island Sukotry - \"Islands of the blessed. It's just uncomplicated snack, which, however, wonderfully decorate festive (and not only) table. And as for being prepared so quickly that a finding for the landlady, moreover does not require any expensive products and provides space fantasy of each and every culinary ... excuse me, "Gardener". Well, is not it enticing? Then proceed.

  The classic recipe

Take a cucumber into a sufficiently large size, ie dlinnenky (also need a solid wood trunk!). You can even take dlinnoplodny and out to make a couple of "trees". In any case, the top and bottom edges cut. Lower - for the stability of the "soil", about the upper tell later.

Now we need to make the sides slanting cuts - not necessarily against each other, even better, if at random. What matters is that for them to catch on very thin circles radishes - that are the flowers of our tree (at present a cucumber, they also placed right on the trunk).

It remains to build a "crown", and it is also "easier to dirt-cheap": make deep narrow hollow area formed as a result of our very first operation on the cultivation of "seedlings". There, as in a small bowl, put sprigs of parsley (dill, cilantro, celery - that love and/or have on hand).

That's all there - the latter-day "cucumber tree" can be put on the table, for example, on a saucer or a socket.

 [b] Fantasy recipes 1,111,117.

Foot "cucumber tree" can be surrounded by leaves of basil - it underscores its efficiency. In the lateral incisions instead of plates of radishes simply stuck tonyusenkie "coin" carrot or turnip slices. Yes there! You can even "pyramids" of hard cheese place, if only packed a sharp edge.

You do not make any cuts, and use toothpicks, pinned on them, that will turn up, including the products named, but not limited to - until the puncturing fasolinok, small pickled bulbils, halved tangerine slices or small cubes of pineapple. Finally, it is permissible to place a variety of "flowers" on the same "trunk". It all depends on your desire.

Option with toothpicks good by the fact that these "flowers" can be used in the entertainment program of festive feasts, such as lottery tickets or phantom. Believe me, this approach could become a pleasant surprise for everyone. And yet it can provide a "tree of desires" - also interesting.

On the crown. If the notch at the top of the tree to make a little wider, then putting it in her like a cup of green stems (so that the leaves are hung), we get enough space to plant the top half of the protein quail eggs or tomatoes "cherry", taking seeds, and put inside ... eggs, klyukovku or more, at worst, at least peas pepper - will lovely bird's nest, and "cucumber tree" will become inhabitable. Nice, right?