In our time it became fashionable to look after their health: to visit gyms, diet, did not have" />

 Halal food - what is its use and features?

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  Halal food - what is its use and features? In our time it became fashionable to look after their health: to visit gyms, diet, did not have bad habits, in general, lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

But sometimes the temptation to eat something "forbidden" wins the desire to look good, someone from re-gaining new pounds 1,111,112. overweight [/url] And someone allows himself to relax, but without any harm to health, buying halal meat.

Before I explain what lies behind this name, it's worth noting that halal products are bought by people of different nationalities and 1,111,114. of different faiths [/url] . Halal food is sold out in just a few hours, so the frequent queues for this product.

So, what is it - halal food? The answer to this question holds one of the great world religions - Islam.

In the Koran - the sacred book of Muslims - clearly that is allowed and what is forbidden devout Muslim. This applies to food. Forbidden to use:

- Pork;
- Meat of wild animals (tiger, lion, wolf, etc.) and raptors (hawks, falcons, etc.);
- Meat of dogs, donkeys and mules;
- Genitalia, endocrine glands, gall bladder, urinary bladder;
- Alcohol;
- The blood of the animal (in pure form).

Agree that this list of restrictions prudent and useful not only for 1,111,116. Muslims [/url] But also for people of other religions. There are also features of halal - the animal must be intended strictly for slaughter is not allowed the use of animals that died of natural causes or were killed by other, non-authorized methods. The animal must be slaughtered with the name of God (read special prayers).

It should be noted that the prohibitions on the use of a food exist in different religions and are expressed in fasting and abstinence.

At different times had their own bans on products.

Existed in the antediluvian era division of animals clean and unclean:
"And Noah built an altar to the LORD, and took of every clean beast, and of the birds clean and offered burnt offerings on the altar."

Dawn of the law. Giving the Law to Moses, God forbade eating unclean animals:
"Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcasses you shall not touch; they are unclean to you."

Christian era. With the advent of Christ was abolished by the division of food on clean and unclean. Although the ban was from "sacrificed to idols and from blood, and udovlenny.

" Halal "- Are products clean as spiritually, and physically. Produced without the addition of harmful and illegal products. What is important in itself.

Today, in cities and towns there are shops, offices, restaurants, where you can buy or eat halal food. In many European countries, U.S. demand for this type of product is growing at a steady pace, only in the UK each year halal products sold six million people, although the Muslim population of 2,000,000. In the U.S., developed sales and consulting for such goods Internet . The fact speaks for itself.