Red caviar for your table. How to cook delicious dishes from eggs and fish?

  Red caviar for your table. How to cook delicious dishes from eggs and fish? And if you believe that the Russian people of Kamchatka up to 40-ies of the 20 th century used salmon roe fish not to eat, and for coating furnaces and feed chickens?

After cutting the fish eggs in the shell (yastyki) hung on the fence and after it dries, the eggs broke up and gave chickens. It is true, then the yolks of eggs take on a reddish hue, but no one is bothered, because the locals ate food and chayachi eggs.

Only immigrants from the western regions of the Soviet Union taught pickle locals caviar and use it 1,111,114. in food [/url] . I'm born and raised on the Kamchatka Peninsula, she listened with a slight suspicion about the stories his grandmother, as at 60 and 70 of the last century - the years of my childhood and adolescence - caviar on the Kamchatka Peninsula has so throw around.

Of course, for us locals, it was not a deficit, and we preferred to eat freshly prepared, when it is not crumple in the bank, and berry behind the eggs. She was especially tasty with young potatoes, while potatoes should be filled with butter and sprinkled with chopped dill and caviar - sprinkled with green onion.

But unfortunately, I have many years of not living on the Kamchatka Peninsula and are satisfied with caviar 1,111,116. in the factory cans [/url] . However, before eating, I washed eggs in strainer under cold running water - a result of Roe gets a fresh look. Of course, then it can no longer keep, but I do not recall that after the feast eggs remained on the table. Here are some recipes with red caviar:

Toasts with quail eggs and caviar
Slices of white wheat bread for sandwiches, fresh 1111118 12. quail eggs [/url] , 50 g butter, freshly ground black pepper, 30-50 g of caviar salmon fish.


Lightly fry the bread slices and cut out circles using a round knife cutter. To bread is not cooled down, leave them in a warm oven on a pan-grid. Using a large sharp knife and break all the quail eggs in a bowl, taking care not to damage the egg yolks. Heat the oil in a large frying pan and carefully lay out on her eggs and sprinkle with black pepper. Spade gently spread the eggs around the pan so that they are not mixed up and fry until fully cooked. Remove from fire and the knife cut each egg. Lay the round slices of bread on a serving platter, put each on a quail egg on top and garnish with a half teaspoon spoon caviar .

Quail eggs, stuffed with red caviar
Boil eggs hard-boiled, hold them in cold water, then remove. Cut crosswise into halves. Carefully remove the yolks (they will be useful for other dishes such as salads), slightly trim the halves so as to obtain a flat bottom and the eggs were stable. Fill the egg caviar "with a slide, garnish with herbs.

Did you know that the people of Kamchatka, and to this day sometimes fertilize gardens planted with potatoes, fish? Most often this occurs when, in May-June is "crop" year for uyka - local variety of capelin. Fry is strewn with all the sea coast, where it and collect buckets. From the river the fish catch big nets, then salted, and the excess, together with the fish collected at the seashore, put the garden in the hole, sprinkle on top of land and planted potatoes.

Sometimes, the fertilizer is the last year and the remaining salt fish, sometimes even salmon. Before you let salted fish for fertilizer, it soaked and cut into pieces. However, if it is fair to say, even in Kamchatka fish most often used on purpose - to eat. There, the fish and fry, and boil, and salt, and baking pies with her, and her chops doing, and dumplings. Here are some recipes for fish dishes:

Dumplings fish (salmon fillet)
For stuffing: 500 g fillet of fish (the most delicious dumplings are obtained from chinook salmon, coho salmon, however, from pink and chum salmon ravioli too tasty), 1 onion, add dill, salt and pepper to taste, water as needed.

Knead stiff uniform 11,111,116. ravioli dough is [/url] , And to facilitate the rolling test should give the lie 30-40 minutes, preferably under a bowl or in a pot under the lid. Fish fillets cut into pieces and mince, add salt, pepper, water, minced onion and mix.

Dough roll thin biscuits, cut glass circles. At the center of each circle, put stuffing, slapped. Ready to put dumplings on baking sheet dusted with flour and put in a cool place. Dumplings boil in salted water. Many prefer to have пельмени, поливая их острым соусом (горчица, смешанная с уксусом, лучше виноградным). К пельменям можно подавать сливочное масло или сметану, столовый уксус , Ketchup.

Salmon stuffed with fennel, thyme and cheese
1 kg of salmon, black and white pepper, salt, half a lemon or lime juice, cheese, dill, thyme.


Season fish with salt and pepper. With a sharp knife make a deep incision along the length of the fish. With a knife make small pockets in both sides of the cut. Expand the resulting pockets and fill with grated cheese, sprinkle with herbs. Close the holes and fasten with wooden skewers. Drizzle with lemon juice. Bake in oven at 200 degrees about 25 minutes. When the fish is ready, remove the skewers.