How to prepare lula-kebab?


  How to prepare lula-kebab? In short, lula-kebab - it's oblong patty of lamb threaded on a skewer and grilled over charcoal. Only recipe cooking lula-kebab does not exist. It is safe to say: how many cooks, so many recipes, because the choice and dosage of concomitant spices are very diverse.

The main thing in Kebab, of course, meat . It is desirable that it was a lamb, ie, the Lamb no older than one year. These oriental gourmands prefer to put the ram into lula-kebab in April, when he attempted a young green grass. Then the meat is particularly tender.

When buying lamb on the market, keep in mind that lamb flesh pale red color with light streaks of fat and almost no smell. In grown-up animal it is red and has a specific smell. Also watch the choice sheep fat. If you make a mistake and buy poor quality, then even his small addition can ruin a dish.

For preparation of 1,111,114. lula-kebab [/url] You will need: 1 kg lamb (well, in extreme cases, lamb) - 5 bulbs, 50-70 g sheep fat (you can substitute butter or lard, of course, if there is no prejudice against pork), salt, pepper , lemon, herbs and spices to taste.

So, food for cooking Kebab felled, begin to cook.

Flesh lamb need to clean from the tendons and films, rinsed and dried. Now, the meat must be crushed. In the classic recipe and the meat and fat of tail, along with the onions should be very finely chop the old dagger. If he is in the kitchen utensils is absent, the fit and simple, sharp knife. Proponents of technological progress can grind these ingredients in a meat grinder or blender.

Mix thoroughly 1,111,116. Stuffing [/url] hands, season with salt, pepper, juice squeezed lemon, minced herbs and other spices. Again miss the received weight through a meat grinder and re-working the mixture.

To Kebab in the cooking process does not fall apart and slipped off the skewers, as often happens with inexperienced cooks, there are a few proven techniques. First, fresh minced need for a few minutes carefully recapture of the board (if it is a lot - divide into portions). Then, compounding becomes viscous and elastic and will hold well on skewers. But the string chops on sticks too early. Ground should be left standing for two hours in the cold, ie, in the refrigerator.

Resist the temptation to "strengthen" Stuffing, by driving into it, as for the usual hamburgers, raw egg. These oriental chef will never do.

We begin the process of cooking Kebab. Lepim mince oblong, tapering to the ends of sausages. Stringing them neatly on skewers. If not, you can push a skewer into the side surface of the workpiece to its center, and this axis is tightly sealed, wiping edge stuffing. Sculpt sausages will be easier if you periodically wet the hands with water.

Classic lula-kebab should be baked over hot coals to form a savory crust. Do not forget while often turning skewers. If you pierce a ready lula-kebab pointed match or a toothpick, from him shall stand clear fragrant juice. It is a signal of readiness dishes. Kebab must be removed from the fire, or meat dried up.

If there is no barbecue, then lula-kebab can be cooked in an oven pre-heating it carefully, so that the surface of the meat immediately grabbed and hardened.

Serve the kebabs to the table hot, with Lavash , Cakes and onion rings, and no side dishes as fried potatoes or pasta.