How to prepare for libation? Secrets of drinking

  How to prepare for libation? Secrets of drinking New Year's Day (they often begin at the end of December to work and finish in the 20th week of January at home or in hospital) - a test of your strength. Test your liver, kidneys and all other internal organs. Of course, doing nothing, gluttony and excess alcohol - this is a serious test for the organism. And abstain from pleasure and confront relatives, friends, colleagues and his own appetite is very difficult.

To achieve a good (or at least satisfactory) to feel heavy after eating and libations of all, what hands extended their hand (and until then could not reach - before drinking companions and comrades on the feast helped reach), you need them, libations, or to refuse or to prepare for them. So, if you can not avoid drinking, it is better to prepare for it beforehand. Booked - means armed.

  1. In the pre-holiday days, or at least the morning on the day of "gastro-hepatic" exam take vitamin B1, or an integrated product that contains a group of vitamin B. Regardless of imported or domestic producers. This vitamin has been actively involved in the formation of an enzyme that neutralizes alcohol. Write the names of vitamins and their producers will not - it may look like a hidden advertising. But at any pharmacy or clinic you call several of these drugs.

  2. A few hours prior to the feast you can drink "merzavchik" whiskey, brandy or vodka - depending on what you feel your stomach strength. Give the body to adapt.

  3. Please be activated carbon or other sorbent enterosgel that will help your body cleanse itself of wastes. Also help enzymes to accelerate the digestion of food and the withdrawal of its residues from the body. Be sure to read the contraindications and warnings - often after taking such drugs needed drugs that restore the flora and the normal activity of the intestine (usually in advertising on this neglect to mention). But people with problematic "motor" and breakdown in the cardiovascular system enzymes may be generally contraindicated.

  4. Do not eat fatty foods prior to receiving plenty of alcohol. The myth that fat film will cover the intestine and you will not get drunk - for the most part still a myth. Intoxicated, you still may be a few minutes later, as fellow feast - and that's a blow to the liver, these fats will cause very serious. And tomorrow you will be expected not only a hangover, but moaning and liver.

  5. Do not try to drink all at once - do not get satisfaction, either now or in the morning. Ideally, choose one drink (and, if you drink wine - the way it will be a sort of wine, if vodka - one kind of vodka) and enjoy them while you can. Or until health permits. In extreme cases, are heightened, but not vice versa.

  6. Do not keep alcohol in the mouth - so it will penetrate more rapidly into the blood and, consequently, faster intoxicated.

  7. Know how to stop. If you're already drunk - it's time to relax. Remember that the last glass - always wanted. This is the most complex and intractable Council.

  8. If you feel that you drank too much, try to be alone and get rid of the surplus. Of course, "two fingers in his mouth - and forward - it is not fashionable and prestigious, but to get drunk as a pig, too, is not fashionable and prestigious. If so dopilis, have the courage to admit it and get rid of it. Incidentally, during the feasts of the Roman Empire, members feasts, sometimes lasted for several days, and we did. It was believed that the pleasure people receive from savoring food, and not just on satisfying hunger. After cleaning the stomach can drink and sorbent, such as activated charcoal or its more modern counterpart, enterosgel. By the way, in a healthy person, not burdened by excess and not accustomed to drowning in alcohol, the stomach itself "hints" about the need to purge ourselves of all bad things - so do not bother him, his nature will.

  9. Fit a drunk man (a drunk - to say the least!) After a cup of coffee - this is deceptive. But the drink (not alcohol!) After all useful. But not coffee, and green tea. It even produced special antialcohol teas, sold in pharmacies.

  10. If dopilis to faint and dizzy and feel that you are about to lose consciousness, remember the sensitive ladies of the 19 century. If so they prescribed ammonia - you even less time to "sniff". Or go out in the fresh air. Winter air it, you know, is sobering.