How can I use pears? Part 1. All except the desserts

  How can I use pears? Part 1. All except the desserts Each year, our American village, we collect a good crop of pears. Everything else is somehow distributed over the year - if you took after the apples and plums, then the rest pekanskie nuts. If an abundance of peaches and nuts, then not at all apples. But pears do not know rest.

  How can I use pears? Part 1. All except the desserts Vintage Unfortunately, I do not like pears. But let something out of the crop was lost, I can not, moreover, that the pears are very useful - they have a lot of fiber, potassium, folic acid, trace elements, they have a diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, every autumn the question arises: what to do with a rich harvest? Over time I have accumulated quite a few time-tested - and guests - recipes.

Pears that I use - hard green pear type Bartlett.

Let's start with appetizers . Pears well with sharp cheeses such as cheddar or Parmesan, as well as smoked ham. We must cut the pear into slices, cut serdtsevinki, sprinkle with lemon juice, not to dark, and put on a dish with cheese and (or) ham. This is a great appetizer, and it can apply a light red wine, for example, Sangiovese or Valpolicella.

Now - meat . Pears are very well add to the roast, stuffed them duck, turkey or goose, is especially well with pears produced lamb and pork. Used pear in this case as well as apples and quince. Of the spices I use cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and allspice - in limited quantities. Wines - Shiraz or Cabernet-Sauvignon.

And is it possible to dispense with 11,111,112. nalivochki [/b] winter?

Grate the pears and put them in a bottle with a wide neck, filling it to 34. Pour the vodka so that it covers a pear. Soak in the sun 4-5 weeks. Then drain, press the pears from the pressed juice of boiled syrup (3 cups juice 750 g sugar, add the grated nutmeg to taste if you get less than three cups - accordingly to reduce the amount of sugar). Connect both liquid, strain, pour into bottles, put in a cool place. After 2-3 months of cordial ready.

While the cook, let's make 11,111,112. a face [/b] from the very soft pears, which we got.

  For oily skin . One large pear (preferably green) to rub on a small grater and mix with 3-4 tablespoons. spoonfuls of cottage cheese. Apply mask on face for 20 minutes.
  For normal skin . Pear grate on fine grater, then add 1 tbsp. l. grape juice and 0.5 tsp. oil. Mask put on face for 20-25 minutes. Remove the mask with a soft cloth, but the water on his face then do not rinse.
 [i] From freckles and age spots 11,111,119. . Mash a ripe pear, press the juice and pulp is mixed with powdered milk to a thick mush. Apply this mass on the face, after 15-20 minutes wash in cool water.