How useful childhood memories? Dishes with poppy

  How useful childhood memories? Dishes with poppy Very often the memories takes me back to that golden period of my life, when they were alive, not only my parents but also grandparents. They lived in Ukraine, in my homeland. Every year in my father's vacation we went to visit them.

Joyful time! Many years have passed, and these children's visits are memorable and warm I still have a mass of impressions. And among the memories of friends, the native heart of the field, some new people, fellowship, and games occupy a special place impression of a friendly meeting at the house of his grandfather.

And how nice was the house - real Ukrainian wattle and daub hut, thatched with freshly whitewashed walls and smelling fresh clay earthen floor, sprinkled with dried herbs. Never I do not ever walk on this floor, and such a pleasure to breathe the smell of dry hay.

And I remember the fabulously tasty biscuits, smeared with mashed sweet poppy seeds, which have always served us grandmother. Perhaps, in the recipe was not any special wisdom, but I did not then penetrated (to my great regret) in the way of cooking. But as a child to eat a dish I only there, and I remember it as something incredibly tasty.

Growing up, I tried to reproduce the goodies.

But above all I was looking for a description prescription, and incidentally learned a lot about the poppy seed. It turns out not so simple this plant - Mack . And in the magical practice, it performs the function of amulet against evil magic powers. According to mythology, but its scattered around the house in the hope of preventing a dwelling demons, they put their home in order to protect the animals from the evil witch. They fumigated the house. Sprinkled around the crib with the newborn from the evil eye and evil spirits, put them near the door and the window sill, so evil is different not crept into the house. With a special rite with poppy tried in a drought to cause rain. Poppy seed showered newlyweds.

And in cooking continue to successfully use the poppy, because it is useful and nutritious. In poppy seed and a protein and carbohydrate and even fat. Ukraine is still able to perfectly cook a national dish " Szulik . And know this dish a long time. They say that even in olden days in office was preparing unleavened dough of flour, mixed with poppy seeds. From his hearth Russian oven baked thin slices, consisting of two almost browned crispy crusts.

Also preparing 11,111,112. poppy milk [/b] . Mack zaparivalsya with a steep sugar syrup or honey in clay, glazed only on the outside pot. Stewed, soaked in syrup or honey poppy rubbing on unglazed, rough surface of the vessel wooden Makogonov with the gradual addition of hot water. (Incidentally, I still have my mother's Makogon with painted handle - a very useful thing in the kitchen). Envelope poppy seed separated, poppy seed oil and fiber, with all proteins, carbohydrates and other chemicals passed in colloidal state and the sugar extract.

Seed husks settled on the bottom, and liquid-settled outwardly resembled melted cow's milk. Cooled cakes and cold milk poppy Serve. In a bowl or plate put the broken biscuits and filled in one or two glasses of milk a poppy.

And today in the store often sells buns, rolls and pies with real poppy. 100 grams of sweet fillings of swollen, steamed poppy baked in a thin shell of nepritorno biscuit dough. Two of the pie with a glass of tea for an hour before bedtime to have a quiet conversation and good health to sleep.

Of course, their home and I can not please " dish from childhood 11,111,113. .

Previously I cook poppies: in boiling water poured a glass of poppy, give prokipet five minutes, then kick it into a fine sieve, so that the water glass. Since then poured into a mortar poppy and pounded his wooden crowds, or seek refuge in a meat grinder: skipping poppy through it 3 times. Adding to the mashed poppy 150 g of honey, 2 tablespoons of water, 100 g of crushed nuts and mix.

For the cakes cook the dough from 500 g of flour, 2 eggs, 1 cup of yogurt, 100 g margarine, 1 teaspoon slaked baking soda, 0.5 teaspoon of salt. Instead of buttermilk you can use 1 tablespoon of dry yeast and a glass of fresh milk. When ready the dough is separated, rolled out a round cakes and zharyu a small number of the hot fat. Korzhi obtained lush, soft.

Then cut the slices into 4 parts, recoat the mixture, giving a little soak in and serve. It turns out very tasty.

And yet another delicacy, which I occasionally cook - is [b] cake with poppy

To test you need to prepare 600 g of wheat flour, 100 grams of butter or margarine, 100 g sugar, 3 eggs, 30 g yeast, salt to taste.

For filling, take a half cup of poppy, half a cup of sugar and 150 grams of boiled water.

First I cook the brew from one-third of the prepared flour for cake. When dough is ready, add it in a glass of warm boiled water and put sugar with beaten eggs (one egg yolk to leave grease) lightly with melted butter and salt, all thoroughly mixed, add the remaining flour and knead the dough. Then put it in the heat for an hour and a half. During fermentation, the dough should be 1-2 times obmyat to make it fluffier. Ready-made dough rolled out in two cakes, one of which put on the griddle or frying pan, greased.

Mack steamed in water for 4-6 hours, then mixed with sugar and mince or ground in a mortar. Thus obtained mixture is uniformly spread out on the dough and cover top of the second bread. The edges of the pie join, then put the pie for 30-40 minutes in a warm place. Before landing in the oven the pie in a few places pierce a wooden skewer and smeared with egg yolk.

From this same dough can be baked Roll . For this, I rolled out a rectangular cake into 2 cm thick, place the stuffing out of her poppy and gently turn from one side of the roll, which is then put on baking sheet, grease it with raw egg and bake in a hot oven for about 30 minutes.