Is it difficult for her, the crown?

  Is it difficult for her, the crown? This is not history. This is not a legend. It is not even a new computer game. It's about the cake. Terribly harmful for lovers to lose weight. And, as often happens in such cases, very tasty. In some sources, I met another of his name - Kiev cake. But the first thing I like more, but this Kiev dainty white and yellow hill relates only to the protein framework.

And the cake is The crown can be called a conditional. Because when it is not used cooking cakes and pastries protein (meringue), greased custard. Then there is the need to treat will not be cut, and spread on plates shovel.

And another good news - even if the meringue will not be received (eg, cookies does not want to harden), they can still safely lubricate cream. Perhaps it will not air, but still tasty. The main thing - do not paint that "cap", they say, has failed.

Now, actually, the recipe.

  Meringue cookies.

Take 11,111,124. 8 eggs [/b] (Thrifty housewife could take less, I usually have enough of six). Separate the whites from yolks. In proteins add 2 (Or less) cups of sugar 11,111,125. , Long and hard to stir until the thick foam. There are umelitsy that can whip up meringue by hand with a fork, but I prefer to use modern achievements - blender or food processor with the corresponding attachment. The foam should be thick. Consistency is checked ... with a spoon. Scoop a little weight, unless it spreads, so ready.

  Is it difficult for her, the crown? Such consistence should be the beaten egg whites.
 On a cold pan to lay parchment paper and spread a teaspoon of the received weight. Set in an almost cold oven to Come on for two hours on low heat. If your plate is not quite new-fashioned, you opened the door. Ready-made cakes will be firm and white. If the meringue is brown, but remains soft, it means the fire is too strong.

While dried meringue, prepare 11,111,124. custard

To do this, take 11,111,124. yolks [/b] , Stir with 11,111,124. one cup of sugar, 11,111,125. . Then add one glass of milk and two tablespoons of flour (Gradually to avoid lumps). Put the cream on a very small fire and constantly interfering with it until thickens, then remove from heat. Once the mass has cooled a bit, stir into butter . In the classic recipe has 300 grams, but I add one pack - 200 g.

Now begins the most enjoyable. A dish for treats lubricates cream. We spread the first layer of biscuits. Then, dip each meringue in cream, attach them to an existing layer, forming a mound. You can sprinkle the top of any confectionery smooth grainy mass. By the way, so that the cream has turned a beautiful yellow color, it is recommended to use the village eggs.

  Is it difficult for her, the crown? No, not heavy the crown, but beautiful and tasty!
 The cake should be left for days in a cool place.

I met another version of this confectionary masterpiece, when the proteins are added the juice of one lemon, and cream - grated rind. At the same proteins are baked not pechenyushkami and continuous layer. Also delicious. But the cake will stand in the oven for longer, but the result may be, so to say, not very.