How to cook a tasty lecho? Secrets of home canning

  How to cook a tasty lecho? Secrets of home canning Summer is in full swing. Juicy, fleshy Bulgarian pepper poured sugar. Especially tasty red and yellow. Green very young, splash of fresh juice. The explosion of emotion, an explosion of taste! Crisp, he instantly becomes the master dish, first-born leader. Interrupts the whole bunch.

Red pepper - its mature brother. It is more elegant, loyal to fellow dish. Smoothly adds to the overall taste of its spicy dance lilt, woven into the pattern of overall flavor.

Each summer brings a meeting with the stiff vegetable. And every time a hurry 1,111,112. roll up into a jar [/url] fragrant piece of the sun, so that the long winter evenings to pamper your favorite snacks, greetings from the last warm days.

Lecho coveted in our family as soon as the harsh conditions of the Soviet deficit treasured jar of canned Hungarian fell to the home table. So many home-tested recipes book lecho! Handwritten, were also in great supply. Each family - his cherished recipe. Somebody did this great mystery, someone generously shared. That's going to retseptiku, bit by bit home collection culinary treasures of 11,111,125. .

 How to cook a tasty lecho? Secrets of home canning Red pepper. Arkady Ostritsky. Acrylic on canvas. 2005
The most successful tried and tested recipes lecho.

Lecho from Valentina
This original recipe of my friend. How long is it shared? From year to year for many years, I swirled lecho this very tasty way.

For any home canned vegetables best to take a fleshy and ripe pepper. In salads perfect match for the taste of peppers of different ripening. And how beautiful palette! Green, yellow, red! Traffic light colors.

Lecho cooked with tomato, peppers and the beauty of it is not assessed. Because the best here (for my taste) red pepper, fully ripe but not overripe.

Wash peppers, dried, cleaned and cut into strips. Splitting in lecho - very important component. I do not like very small slices of pepper. It reminds me of the sauce Lecho, but certainly not worthy of the proud title of absolutely amazing canned Lecho. But someone like that.

Agreed, peppers as you like that better. Tomatoes clear from the skins and cut into slices. Onions coarsely shred.

All the prepared vegetables folded into a large enamel saucepan, pour 1/3 cup filtered water and cook on low heat for 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Jars prepare. Rinse in hot water, clean the baking soda. Boil a large pot with water, or ignited in a hot oven. Boil the lids.

Arrange lecho hot on sterile banks so that the top was liquid, cover with clean boiled lids. Sterilization in a large saucepan of boiling water: 0,5 l cans - 20 min, l - 40 minutes. Roll.

Pepper - 1,5 kg tomatoes - 1 kg, onions - 250 g, salt and pepper.

Lecho from Svetlana
Quite a different taste, a whole new tone. Added garlic and sugar, derived from the recipe onion.

Half of the entire mass of 11,111,114. Tomato
and all the peppers, wash and cut into sticks. Grind the garlic. Simmer in saucepan 10 minutes, then add the remaining chopped tomatoes, salt and sugar. Boil for 10 minutes and pour into sterilized jars lecho hot. Roll.

Pepper - 10 large fruits, tomatoes - 3 kg, 5 large cloves garlic, cup sugar, tablespoon of salt.

Lecho with beans
   How to cook a tasty lecho? Secrets of home canning Вкуснотища! Это, скорее, овощной салат .

Beans, soak overnight and boil in a large quantity of water almost up to readiness. Tomato juice (preferably brewed from fresh tomatoes), boiled for 15 minutes.

Sweet pepper, onion and carrot peel and shred. Fold in the pot beans, vegetables, add tomato juice. Boil 30 minutes. Add salt, sugar, vegetable oil. Writing a boil and immediately turn off. Hot decomposed into prepared by the Bank and immediately squashed.

2 cups of beans, 3 kg of purified pepper, 1 kg of carrots, 3.5 liters of finished tomato juice, 1 kg of onions, 1 cup vegetable oil, 3 tablespoons salt, 2 tablespoons sugar.

Lecho of these recipes are well-blended with air mashed potatoes, meat and vegetable dishes. It can be added instead of tomato in winter борщи и солянки . This vegetable salad is a real decoration of any table - festive and everyday.

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