How to choose dairy drinks?

  How to choose dairy drinks? Fermented foods we often buy just because we like their taste and their own state after their consumption. Sour milk, mare's milk and yogurt have long been drunk with pleasure by those who have whole milk, caused a nasty rumbling in the stomach. Then the scientists had explained that the lactic acid bacteria break down the lactose and partially casein in such a way that they can digest better. The same useful bacteria produce lactic acid, reduces putrefactive processes, removes harmful bacteria and, therefore clears a place for a healthy microflora, who lives in the intestines.

In recent years the range of dairy products on the shelves have expanded considerably. In the mass sale of drinks appeared, previously used only in certain regions from the west came the world-popular Yogurt From research laboratories - bifidoprodukty. Today, the choice of dairy products is affected not only personal taste, accustomed to traditional in this area drink, but also general erudition consumer, and its susceptibility to promotions. So it makes sense to understand the diversity of these products and make informed choices.

Types of drinks
The most affordable and popular fermented milk product - buttermilk . It can be obtained simply by putting milk for skisaniya in a warm place: lactic streptococci, which provide the fermentation process, fall into the milk for skisaniya even from the air. However, a more literate way of fermenting milk - add a few spoons of the same product from yesterday's portion, or sour cream: then the starter turns over the net and gives a higher quality product.

Sour of топленого молока называется варенец, простокваша из топленого молока с добавлением сливок – ряженка . The main agent in the fermentation are the same as that in the curds, but the taste is different in relation to the transformations that occur with milk sugar and protein in the process of prolonged heat treatment.

For fermentation Mechnikov sour than lactic streptococcus used Bulgarian wand - the same as that involved in the production of yoghurt. Yogurt is different from the Mechnikov yogurt so that it additionally gives a more viscous with dry milk and skvashivayut at elevated temperatures.

  "Southern sour" Such as yoghurt, fermented combination of yeast, containing lactic acid streptococci, lactic acid bacillus and yeast that can ferment lactose. This gives them additional flavors.

  Ayran or Tan fermented with yeast in the fermentation of milk, add salt and water, and in ayran - more and basil.

A more complex composition with кефира и кумыса. В состав кефирных грибков, применяемых в производстве кефира Except lactic acid streptococci and yeasts, is still several types of lactic acid.

One of them - Lactobacillus acidophilus , Which resides not only in the leaven, but also in the human body, as part of the normal microflora of the digestive system. It can be considered the first and most traditional of probiotics (ie, typical microflora of human intestinal microorganisms) used in the production of sour. The natural habitat of other lactic acid bacteria is milk, but not human intestine, through which they pass through and exert their beneficial effects more indirectly, through their own dairy products.

It is Lactobacillus acidophilus was the first microbe, which (at the beginning of XX century) were added to dairy products. It happened Acidophilic milk and acidophilus milk used in the treatment of diarrhea and other intestinal disorders. At the same Lactobacillus acidophilus was a necessary component of kumys industrial production.

Kumys today is not only a mare, but also from cow's milk and is characterized by relatively high alcohol content. Alcohol is formed when a mixed lactic acid-alcoholic fermentation, and a lot of it because in the process of 11,111,122. production koumiss [/url] the milk is added sugar.

  Bifidobacteria in dairy products is not lived up to the second half of last century: their usual place of residence - the human intestine, where they mined and manufacturers bifidozakvasok. But they were most useful in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies and to enhance nonspecific immunity. First edition bifidopreparatov mastered pharmacologists, then appeared and functional food products with bifidobacteria. The standards of most countries do not need to specify exactly which strains of bacteria used in the manufacture of the product, although the International Organization for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recommends to do it.

Very end of XX century was marked by the emergence of a new kind of functional foods and supplements to dairy products - prebiotics . Unlike probiotics, these substances do not pretend to inhabit the human intestine, but stimulate the growth of microflora in their own consumers. The most common types of prebiotic supplementation to dairy products - lactulose and inulin .

Dairy errors
There is popular opinion that the name of the fermented milk product with the prefix bio means its special "natural". In fact, live microorganisms, traditionally used in sour production, should be composed of conventional kefir, yogurt, yogurt, etc. The name of the dairy product with the prefix bio-, according to GOST R 51917-2002/2003 means: in the production process into a product of milk processing introduced live cultures of bifidobacteria and other probiotic bacteria - are precisely those which our forefathers did not use (the sole exception acidophilous sticks in the kefir grains).

With regard to products, where live microflora is absent, they are fundamentally different from the name, do not coincide with the traditional (not yogurt, but yogurtosha, not sour, and kefirchik), as well as clarifying "termizirovanny", ie has undergone additional heat treatment.

There is in the national consciousness and also the negative setting: they say, all organic products are consumed with the microorganisms are killed on the way to the intestine and the benefits can not bring. In fact, the mandatory requirement for probiotic added to dairy products - high acid resistance and a sufficient concentration, allowing bacteria to pass through the stomach acid barrier and get into the intestine. So to help improve and maintain the health of someone can and bifidokefir .

The views are actively promoted by advertising: some species of bacteria used in the popular trademark of yogurt, acting on the human body is particularly beneficial. However, today there is not enough reliable data about the superiority of one species of bifidobacteria on the other. All bifidobacteria act positively in the time of stay in the intestine, together with a dairy product, but the problem is consumed survival of microorganisms in the human body. It depends on the individual consumer.

Many scientists believe that succeed better the kinds of beneficial microbes that are selected from the population in the region, where he was born and spent the early years of this user. Therefore, this research benefits from the consumption of a particular product should not be entirely trusted, if they were only in one locality.

In 2001, released recommendations of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) «Probiotics in food. The authors of the recommendations, recognizing the benefit of 11,111,138. probiotics [/url] , Notice that today the statistical data for each specific strain of beneficial bacteria and their action in the dairy products collected enough. Regarding the effect of "tonic", according to experts FAO, in his study only the first steps. In any case, the consumption of probiotics can not replace a balanced diet and exercise.

Prescribing pharmacologic bifidopreparaty and recommending consume bifidoprodukty, physicians tend to from time to time change the destination, selecting the most suitable for the patient's strain of beneficial bacteria by trial and error. Most likely, this will be the strain that was present in his body during the first years of life, during the formation of the immune system, and therefore does not cause rejection, and may again settle down in the body. The same method is the most rational for self consumption bifidoproduktov. It makes sense to use the product, for example, within a month, watching his fortune, and then try the following.