Persimmon - food of the gods. Why?

  Persimmon - food of the gods. Why? Persimmon - Latin "Diospiros" - Means "food of the gods".

Each year in autumn in the stores there are full of bright orange fruits of this magnificent plant. Few consumers know that persimmons - no fruit or vegetable, and berry. And this berry grows on a tree height of 8-12 m.

There is a long-established notion that the peaches - a "food of the gods". But if you look, then by their taste and healing qualities of persimmon is not inferior peach and even exceeds it. Only now it is grown in tropical countries (tropical, subtropical climate), and it is difficult to collect - the fruit should be cut cutter at some point, otherwise the taste of persimmon irreversibly disappear, and the use in this case will be small.

Residents of areas where it grows persimmons (China, North-East Africa, Southern States and the Northern Caucasus), love this product. It takes a worthy place in the diet and in traditional medicine. Persimmon Trees grow right next to houses. They were planted specifically to strengthen the roots of the soil, it prevents landslides.

In other areas of our country persimmon is a product overseas and slightly inferior to their taste. What should be a persimmon? There are several varieties of persimmon, the fruit of their soft yellow to bright orange. The most useful and tasty from the color range - bright orange.

For many there is a logical question: Should the persimmon to be 1,111,116. astringent taste of [/url] ? Not necessarily, it depends on the variety. But ripe persimmon is always full of sugar - about 89% of glucose, sucrose and fructose. Therefore, binding effect should be felt. Peel persimmons should be smooth and elastic. The black dots and scratches - a sign that the fruit is ripe, but it is already disrupted.

Reason berries should be covered with dry brown perianth. If it is dry and green, the fruit of immature, it broke before ripe.

Persimmon - very 1,111,118. useful product, [/url] . It is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Here's a short list of useful persimmon:

 It is a source of natural vitamin A, demonstrated by bright-orange color. What orange fruit, the more of this vitamin. Vitamin A is associated with eye and skin health, prevents the development of cancer cells;
 The fruits are rich in potassium salts. In the body, they are important for the cardiovascular system;
 Can be used as a tonic in disorders of the intestine;
 An excellent diuretic. Enough to eat 3-4 fruit per day. Displays the sodium salt;
 Increases immunity, which reduces the fall in all men;
 Can be used as a component mask for problem skin. Promotes healing of wounds, cleanses the skin.

Persimmon has a huge number Antioxidants . This facilitates the binding of free radicals, which destroy the cell structure. For those who want to strengthen your body - this is an excellent product. He must have impaired children after an illness. In persimmon much dietary fiber and more vitamin C than apples. Persimmon suitable as a prophylactic against atherosclerosis. Enough to eat about 100 grams per day.