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 "Birdy sorry"? 10 ways to chop onions without tears

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  "Birdy sorry"? 10 ways to chop onions without tears "He sits grandfather, a hundred coats-dressed, who he undresses, he sheds tears." The reason for the watering of the plant lies in a special substance - Lachrymatory agent. In Latin lacrima - a tear. That reflects a basic property of the volatile matter - cause tears. In allocating Lachrymatory agent dissolved in the liquid. After contact with eyes, mucous Lachrymatory agent in the stands sulfuric acid, which irritates the mucous membrane.

Since when cutting onions roar and we do very Lachrymatory agent, so not to cry, to lower its activity. Therefore, 10 ways to cut onions without tears is nothing like 10 ways to reduce the activity of Lachrymatory agent.

  1. Cold water. Since Lachrymatory agent dissolved in water, then it can help to minimize the selection Lachrymatory agent in the air. There are several ways to use cold water to avoid onion activity. The first of them - to moisten the knife with cold water.

2. Cold water. If you adapt, you can cut the onion directly into the water. For this type of wide pot of water, completely submerge the onion and there on the bottom cut into it. In this case Lachrymatory agent in the air do not fall, so you are guaranteed not to drop any tears.

3. Cold water. Eyewitnesses claim that if during the cutting onions collect a mouthful of water, the tears will not. Honestly, what is the physics of this process is unknown.

4. Cold water. If before the sharp bow douse the person with water, then on the way to the eye Lachrymatory agent will dissolve in the way he met on the water.
All the water stopped.

  5. Fan. You can put a cutting board next to the fan that will blow away the whole Lachrymatory agent away. Perhaps with this method Lachrymatory agent will deflate in a neighboring room, where he will irritate the eyes of your household. Of course, this method can find a lot of merit. For example, if you want to teach a lesson slacker-husband.

  6. Swimming goggles or diving mask. Closing his eyes in such a way, we create a simple barrier Lachrymatory agent. It looks funny, but the result is truly effective.

  7. Candle. The flame can burn all the impurities contained in the air. By the way, right along with oxygen. Therefore, before cutting onions can be placed next to a lighted candle.

  8. Proper breathing. The method is often recommended by housewives, but in fact ineffective - mouth breathing, and not through the nose. Because the nasal mucosa at birth onion tears do not do with it.

  9. Sol. You can sprinkle with salt, chopping board, better than large, which should be cut and onions. Unreliable method. Juice secreted when cutting onions, will soak up salt. However, this does not protect from the allocation Lachrymatory agent in the air, and consequently - Lachrymatory agent from getting into your eyes.

  10. Food Processor. In fact, that may be more convenient, simpler and more modern? The only caveat: a bowl combine should be closed. Blender in this matter will not help.