What should be the oil shea? Choose vegetable oil.

What should be the oil shea? Choose vegetable oil. So, 1,111,112. oil [/url] rapidly and significantly increased in price. Now I can not afford to be wrong with the choice of oil by buying low-quality or bad my product. Well, no oil still can not do, so becoming obsessed with oil tricks.

Which oil? The answer to this question depends on how I'm going to use it. Recently in my cupboard ever, there are three types of vegetable oil. First, oil is Sunflower unrefined, that is something that "smells like a sunflower seed, foams when frying and produces when heated mass of harmful substances. This kind of oil I keep to 1,111,116. salads [/url] . Vinaigrette, dressed in such maslichkom, emotional turns. Yes, and any salad with the oil becomes fragrant and tasty. Anyway, since our family believes. And basically it's for amateurs.

I also keep in the locker refined oil that is refined and devoid of impurities and odors. In this oil, I zharyu everything I need, and I add to the dough.

A place of honor in my closet is oil olive Because its price status and Greek roots require special treatment to this product. Cooks recommend olive oil to fry, but for me personally it does not taste very much, so I use them in very small quantities and for ceremonial occasions. And olive oil, I rub your hands when held in the kitchen stove "working day". That is [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%EA%EE%F1%EC%E5%F2%EE%EB%EE%E3%E8%FF/] cosmetic issue 11,111,117. Olive Oil is not equal. But it is also on the fan.

My friend is constantly telling me that the need to transfer a family on rapeseed oil - it tastes better and healthier and less fatty acids, and slower oxidation. In general, it is only in our "metropolis" will be brought at least a bottle, be sure to buy a and try.

You can even listen to the advice of doctors and used for salads oil Flax . Taste, say he has a pretty specific, and frying it categorically does not fit, but that's as salads - very salutary. I do not know, not tried. But a lot of reading. I know, for example, that flaxseed oil lowers blood cholesterol, although difficult to imagine that such Cholesterol . Linseed oil is widely used in food, say, my great-grandmother, suffering from thrombophlebitis, in order to reduce the risk of blood clots. And I know that flaxseed oil is kept very short and fast port, so it must buy in small quantities, or a maximum of three months after the surplus would have simply thrown away.

Many now speak of palm oil. This is a unique product, which by their taste and beneficial properties very similar to beef or mutton fat, but without cholesterol. On the basis of palm oil produce the majority of margarines and confectionery fats. But fry it should be with caution: when cooling at the surface of fried products will be film of fat, so there will only warming up.

I very much like soybean oil. My mother often cooked Korean salads and used it as a filling. It can be refined - then it has a beautiful yellow-gold color - and unrefined - brown color and with a mass of useful high-grade protein.

Among my friends there are many supporters of corn oil. It is nutritious and sunflower, and Vitamins contains much more. In the food can be consumed only corn oil, refined and deodorized, because clean oil from corn is very sharp and unpleasant aroma.

So what I need, I was determined. Now choose. I can not take the bottle with oil, where the bottom is sludge: in this oil has already happened oxidation process, so oil in a frying pan will foam, and the taste will taste bitter.

I will definitely look at the way, when it was released oil. The fact that crude oil is stored only a couple of months, and refined - no more than four. It is an axiom, so if I see on the label of imported oil, the storage period rather blurred and exceeds the standard, I'd better take this oil will not. Who knows for what reasons, the manufacturing company overstates the shelf?

I will not take the bottle of oil, which has obvious dents, damage or scratches on the surface. If the bottle had the opportunity to get all of these marks, then the requirements for transportation have not been met at some stage.