What are the secrets of cooking the potatoes hiding?

What are the secrets of cooking the potatoes hiding? Potato is an indispensable ingredient in the preparation of a very large number of dishes. Of these, the most common and most Russians are a favorite: mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, boiled potatoes, baked on an open fire or in the oven, potato casseroles, etc. And also a lot of dishes, where the potato is used as an integral component of a whole, for example, most soups, some salads.

Of course, that experienced hostess has its secrets and subtleties of cooking each dish, and those who cook infrequently and particularly not fond of cooking, will be able to help my advice. They are very simple and many people have long known, and, nevertheless, beginning to "cook" will be able to gather a lot of them are useful.

When cleaning the potatoes need to cut a very thin layer, because under his skin is the largest amount of nutrients (potato is rich in minerals, mainly potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and to a lesser extent - in sodium and iron, contains trace elements - silicon, bromine, iodine, manganese, aluminum, zinc, etc., is rich in vitamins, especially C).
It is advisable not to use the greenish and sprouting, as they contain harmful substance - solanine. If the decision was made, in spite of everything, so potatoes cook, you need to cut a thick layer of skin and carefully remove all the eyes.
New potatoes will be easier to clean, if you put it briefly, first in hot water and then in cold, or you can hold it for 15-20 minutes in cold salted water.
Potatoes are usually easier to clean a small knife or a special knife for peeling potatoes.
From the white potato is best to cook mashed potatoes, the yellow soup - and pink - to fry.
Peeled potato tubers from contact with the air darken, lose their vitamins. They should therefore be put in cold water, but not for long, because the water loses some potato starch and vitamin C, pulp coarsens.
Potatoes should be boiled in a little water, no more than half of the volume of the tubers, and even better for a couple, then he loses less vitamins. The potato is placed in boiling water and boil on moderate heat, the pan should definitely close the lid. If the fire is strong, potatoes boiled soft from the outside and the inside will remain raw.
Potatoes are some varieties of boiled soft and soaked with water. To avoid this, you need to drain the water about 15 minutes after it boils, and closing the lid dishes, the contents cook a little longer on low heat with a minimum amount of water.
To potatoes boil soft, you can add when cooking in water 1-2 tablespoons of cabbage or cucumber brine.
To potatoes was more delicious, it is recommended when it is boiling in a saucepan add a few halved cloves of garlic, it is especially important for pureeing. Also suitable bay leaves and any other spices of your choice
If the potatoes are cooked in their skins, then it remains the entire set of vitamins and mineral salts. However, if the potatoes are old, tarnished, or peephole, it should cook only purified.
To puree was a lush, add the butter and gradually pouring hot milk, beating.
Potatoes fried in highly preheated frying pan and salt it when slices browned on all sides. If the potatoes with salt, before a crust is formed, the juice out of it spilled, mixed with fat slices lose their shape, color and taste.
Fried potatoes are well browned, if its pre sprinkle lightly with flour.
Potato cutlets are magnificent, if they put a little soda.
To grated potatoes from which to prepare pancakes, not darkened, you pour into it a little hot milk.