How to cook ... grapes?

  How to cook ... grapes? It's small and green. Or not green. But the white and fluffy should not be. Because it is rich "liquid vegetable referred third degree of fermentation. Can we not respect the berry, which is so far gone?

That people like grapes. Even those who prefer all the fruits pickled cucumbers, and grapes they use. At least, in processed form. The man began to grow this berry when his eyebrows still reminded of the recent cave-dwelling past. Obviously, the grapes of seniority - the second conscious culture after wheat. That is years of it - ten thousand, no less. The Bible is full of stories about what happens if you eat grapes, more ... And in the Egyptian tombs is present in the form of dried raisins ... And Stenka Razin drove his kids from other regions (or Yemelyan Pugachev?) - Was there something in the history textbook ... And no wonder - what other berries delivered to mankind so unpretentious pleasures?

In the history of mankind with grapes not moved from simple to complex, but quite the opposite direction. Fresh unfermented grape juice began to drink only in 1869. The pioneer was a dentist from New Jersey, USA, named Thomas Welch. The fact that it was in Mr. Welch is in addition to the basic work and passion. Namely - were his vineyards, grape varieties Concord. And in that same year his wife and 17-year-old son came into his head to try grape juice. Perhaps the year has been high-yielding and 12 quarts of juice was not sorry. They are on their cozy kitchenette heated once the grapes, crushing, tsedili through cheesecloth, bottle, plug and sterilized in a pan of boiling water. It is unclear why so much effort? Anyway, after a week they drank. On the unprecedented spending, grapes proznali neighbors - and envy. Thus began the world production of fruit juice ...

This digression is needed by us here because grape juice is very good, much better than you think. Make it easy, it would be equipment, but you can use whatever you like. For example, you can boil it without sugar and receive delicious candy. Can jelly out of it to build a soft green or blood-violet color. Especially good would be if there drop light rum. And if you drop and still not put gelatin, you get a cocktail. It is recommended, by the way, squeeze the juice from the "skinny" grapes. Do not be alarmed if your juicer will resound as a desktop machine gun - nothing she can do it. And you use.

Frozen grapes - a great treat for children. Put a large, black currants (or other seedless grapes) on a tray and place in freezer. How to freeze - to pour into the bag. If the grapes you have different colors and sizes will be even more fun.

Prepare the grapes - just like food - almost no one comes to mind. He and so delicious, why it fry something? But you can and fry! Some are not the most stupid nation bake bread with him. Since time immemorial, the Florentines are doing great round of bread, to celebrate vendemmia - harvesting of grapes. Actually this is rather a cake than bread. He is rich, and the grapes in it lay with the bones - that crackled and reminded that, for the sake of what to do. It is usually eaten with meat, fry for breakfast or a snack of good Tuscan wine.

Grapes can be cooked the meat separately. In sauces, with different herbs and honey. A bake - in this most meat (although then still better had it been a bird). Great idea - cook on charcoal lamb chops, and the top, right on the meat, put on bunches of grapes. Grapes slightly podpekayutsya first, and then begin to burst, flooding the meat juice.

Although, of course, it can be and not fry. For a cheese plate, for example, than it fresh will be more interesting. Usually impressed combination of grapes with chicken and its consequences (guts, no eggs). Very good salad of chicken livers with grapes and salad leaves. Yes, and fillet of chicken, too bad. It is only necessary to make appropriate charging - for the same grape juice mixed with olive oil, honey and white pepper. When such fuel can be safely experiment: salad with turkey, lettuce with a goose, duck, tuna, finally ... adding spice, do not overdo it - the taste of wine is easy to stifle it, will remain one sugar. It is best to put a little cinnamon and curry.

A cold soup of grapes! The Spanish case is very loved and respected. They have a "white-wine garlic soup." Need namyat garlic with salt, almond pound, bread soaked in white, and then it all with olive oil and water in a blender whip. Grape (also, of course, white) at the end is put straight into a plate, cut in half.

And if the grapes dry-navyalit receive the healthiest in the world of sweets called "raisins. Home Cheese significantly different from store-market - try yourself to appreciate.