Why leek prized in ancient Egypt?

  Why leek prized in ancient Egypt? Homeland leeks is Mesopotamia and Egypt. There he began to grow more in the III-II millennium BC. Then leek hit the Roman Empire.

Some pyramids have been found inscriptions that they say that the slaves who built them regularly ate leeks for strength.

Leeks are mainly composed of water, so it can be called low-calorie. However, he quickly relieves hunger, despite the low energy value, has a good flavor and delicate texture. In addition leek valued by the content of vitamins, minerals (especially potassium) and essential oils. It has beneficial effects on digestion and metabolism. It is used in cheese, dried, frozen, canned, boiled, fried and marinated.

Regular use of leeks enhances immunity. It is quite high content of vitamin B6 and C, as well as beneficial minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Leeks are good as a blood purifier, and yet it is useful for the liver and respiratory system, used for medicinal purposes in acute illness nasopharynx.

The taste of leeks like the taste of onions, but it is more gentle and sweet. Edible white stalks of leeks and neogrubevshie young leaves.

In the Middle Ages in the famine years leek became the favorite vegetable of the poor, as well as satisfy the hunger. That's when he won Europe. To date, the main European supplier of leeks is France.

Leeks can be used in cooking instead of onions raw, boiled and fried. Because of its flavor is less sharp and much more pleasant than that of onions.

Leeks add a vegetable sauce, dough, it is particularly good in soups and broths. Tender stalks of leeks can stew and serve with grated cheese. And of grated apples, chopped onion, leek and olive oil to a very tasty and the salad. Leeks are very tasty stew with mushrooms.

You can add the leeks to the batter for pancakes. Ready-made pancakes out of this test should be sprinkled with grated cheese and serve hot.

Leeks can be cooked a lot of different salads. Here's my favorite recipe: layers stack in a bowl, leek, sweet apples, cheese and boiled eggs. All ingredients are finely shred cheese worn on the grater. Pour mayonnaise on top and decorate with greenery, put in the fridge for a couple of hours.

In the cooked leeks filed no more than two days. Raw leeks can be stored in the refrigerator for a week, and in the freezer up to three months.

Dried leeks can be stored for about a year. Dried sliced as rings false stem and leaves. At home, leeks can be dried in a moderately heated oven, microwave oven or in a ventilated room at room temperature. Interestingly, during storage in onion-poree increased vitamin C!

This wonderful product is very useful and has excellent taste, and not at all surprising that the ancient Romans and Egyptians both appreciated it.

Summer residents can independently grow leeks in their area, it is less picky about soil than onions. Grows in any friable and well drained soils.

In areas with warm climates the seeds of leeks sown directly into the soil. And in areas with colder climates leek seedlings grown through.

Harvest began when the "legs" are small, it allows to extend the period of harvest. The plant is not pulling, and dug from the earth with garden forks. In warmer regions of leek can be left for the winter in open ground.