What kind of potatoes they eat Papuans?

  What kind of potatoes they eat Papuans? I remember as a child, reading Mayne Reid, Thor Heyerdahl and Jack London, I often asked myself the question: what kind of mysterious viands eat Aborigines, Bushmen, American Indians, Papuans?

The names of exotic dishes: sweet potatoes, yams, cassava and taro called romantic tremor. But then there was no way not so much to try, but at least somewhere to read, what it is. Only a brief mention in an encyclopedia.

Why did the Soviet man some foreign delicacies, which is the Soviet potatoes? And, incidentally, sweet potatoes and cassava, together with our wheat, rice, corn and potatoes - is 80% of all calories eaten by mankind.

Time passed, the progress is incredibly close friendship distant country, these vegetables already have in our sale, and now they are not only possible, but let me tell you!

It turned out that all these sweet potatoes, cassava-yamso - also potatoes, or rather its counterpart. None of these plants is not a relative of our familiar potato tubers, although they are very similar.

Substitutes potatoes, as it turned out, very much, to describe them in one article - is unrealistic. Therefore, today we will focus only on yam.

Sweet potato, oddly enough, this is a close relative of our regular garden convolvulus - Ipomoea tricolor.

Sweet potato loves warmth and moisture, so it is cultivated mainly in the southern tropical countries, and there he actually replaces potatoes. Incidentally, the English name of the potato - potato, very in tune with the word "yam".

Yam tubers are oblong, under their red-skinned hides orange core. To taste the sweet yam reminds frosted potatoes, but it differs a great wealth of colors. It is strange taste combination of potato and banana, pumpkin and zucchini, all at once.

There are some people who do not like it, but there are not enough. There are varieties of sweeter, and there are - pokrahmalistee. When cooking yam tubers easily boil soft, as well as potatoes.

You may ask, and it all? Is it for the sake of some dubious taste of neglect favorite potatoes and go for an exotic yam? So, in some cases - worth it!

Diabetics potatoes, to put it mildly, poorly displayed. But the consumption of sweet potatoes in food helps reduce glucose and cholesterol in patients with diabetes type two. This is despite the high content of starch and sugar (24-28%). No wonder food supplement made from this root, is used to treat diabetes, anemia and hypertension.

Compared to potato tubers of yam - the giants. They can weigh ten pounds. These tubers over-age more likely to use for cooking cereals, flour, starch, alcohol, sugar, cattle feed. This fodder varieties.

But there is a mess. They have a weight of one tuber ranged from 200 to 500 g, but sometimes up to 1,5 kg. We, on the southern Ukraine, a bush yam yields five to six pounds of tubers the size of a regular potato. They were and are used as potatoes, but you can cook and jam. Of the young leaves can be cooked salad.

For lovers of all personally seen, felt and try to cite a simple recipe, taken from the site www.tarelochka.com

  Sweet potato souffle 1,111,115.

Sweet potatoes - 500 g
cheese - 100 g
Egg (whites, yolks) - 3 pcs.
Oil - 50 - 1970

Clear sweet potatoes and finely chop arbitrarily. Dissolve in the pan the butter or margarine and ran until soft. Hot rub through a sieve or a blender to miss that much easier. This mass is mixed with grated cheese, add separately beaten egg whites and yolks.

Gently stir and put on greased with oil and sprinkled with breadcrumbs pan, sprinkle with cheese and bake. Usually prepared in batch pans on them and served.

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