How to drink to get drunk?

  How to drink to get drunk? We continue to develop a theme proper and effective drink. Earlier we touched on the topic of alcohol, but then it was about how to drink and not get drunk. Now imagine the reverse situation.

Ever since Heraclitus is known that one can not drink a bottle twice. And because reason together, how to achieve the greatest effect on the minimum amount of alcohol. And here we rescued method, which was popularly called "the principle of small doses."

Known such an undeniable medical fact that the mucous membrane of the mouth has a remarkable ability to absorb certain drugs. Suffice it to recall how heart patients recommend to put a nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue, for its early action.

So it turns out that our beloved ethyl alcohol, apparently adhered to the drug, absorbed the greater part this way. The fact that oral mucosa is very richly supplied with arterial and venous vessels, and therefore the absorption of alcohol occurs here, even easier than in the stomach.

And therefore, we deduce from this simple and only today the rule: any alcoholic beverage, especially carbonated or heated, intoxicating faster and more efficiently, if drinking it in small doses and for a long time to keep in your mouth. Well, casuistically denying thus Geraklitovsky thesis, we could and finish.
Because on this and finish.