How to behave at the table, or etiquette - ABC and Wisdom

  How to behave at the table, or etiquette - ABC and Wisdom Hello And how well it all started! Italian restaurant, excellent music, white tablecloths, noble shine of silver and crystal ... But she suddenly, without waiting until you doterzaete steak, had paid for herself and a cold goodbye, left the room. Or another option - the chief (instead appoint you as first deputy), stopped to greet the next day. This can be: an end, not started, and novels, and careers. And no offense to anyone, only to their own inability to behave properly at the table. And you know, knowing something had to be only a few.

Distracted from the process of food should not be. If you have a pager or mobile phone - plug it! Faced with an exhibition of different-sized knives and forks, of unknown function, no need to test their own mind and others' education. During the feeding and changing food better to sit quietly and sip from the glass vodichku, while educated people do not take in hand what is needed.

Soup spoon only on themselves. When the content is coming to an end, you can gently tilt the bowl or cup, also from himself. However, some experts on etiquette say that if you liked the broth, you can defer the spoon and throw the cup into the mouth. Let the experts themselves and are upset. And we better not to do, because none of the broth can not be valued above its own reputation.

If in the midst of the meal you have the time to depart, not very neatly fold the napkin and leave it on the chair seat. Very few people will be happy in your absence, examine what you wiped it with her lips. Well, at the end of eating the napkin to roll and put it side dish.